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One Million Moms abandons fight against Ellen and JC Penney

One Million Moms abandons fight against Ellen and JC Penney

The anti-gay group has abandoned its campaign to try and get Ellen DeGeneres fired from her job as JC Penney's new spokesperson because she is a lesbian.

In an interview with Christian news outlet, One Million Moms Director Monica Cole says that 'other issues require her group's attention, so OMM is moving on.'

But Cole believes the protest has had their desired impact saying: 'We have heard back from so many of our members. We have heard back from men and women — not just moms — saying they will no longer shop there at JC Penney, as long as Ellen DeGeneres is their spokesperson.'

One Million Moms had stated that DeGeneres is 'not a true representation of the type of families who shop at the retailer. The small percentage of customers they are attempting to satisfy will not offset their loss in sales by offending the majority.'

But JC Penney has stuck by DeGeneres whose commercials for the retailer premiered during last month's Academy Awards telecast.

Now in the ninth season of her popular daytime talk show, DeGeneres was quickly able to demonstrate just how much public support she does have in the face of the One Million Moms protest when nearly 50,000 people joined the online #StandUpForEllen campaign.

One Million Moms also made headlines recently for their protest against Toys R Us because it carried the Life With Archie comic book featuring on its cover the gay wedding of two of its characters.

Shortly after the protest began, the issue completely sold out.