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One Million Moms gleeful that Zales drops its ‘Love and Pride’ collection

One Million Moms gleeful that Zales drops its ‘Love and Pride’ collection

Zales featured a same-sex marriage couple in a 2016 campaign

One Million Moms (1MM), the Christian-associated pressure group set up by the American Family Association, is celebrating the fact that a leading jewelry chain has dropped its ‘Love and Pride’ collection.

Last Fall, Zales, included a same-sex wedding in its ‘We Believe’ advertising campaign. At the same time, it promoted a ‘Love and Pride’ collection aimed at the LGBTI market. It included such items as rainbow-branded engagement and wedding rings.

Items from the Zales 'Love and Pride' collection
Items from the Zales ‘Love and Pride’ collection Zales

The collection sparked calls for protest and boycott by One Million Moms. It accused the jewelry brand of ‘glorifying sin’.

This week, One Million Moms’ Director, Monica Cole, emailed a jubilant campaign update to the group’s supporters. It said: ‘Victory! A few months ago 1MM contacted Zales urging the jewelry company to remain neutral in the culture war, and we have encouraging news to report.

‘Zales has removed all of their “Love and Pride” Collection from The “Love and Pride” wedding band collection, designed for the LGBTQ community with rainbow and matching bands, is “promoting Equality, Diversity, and Unity” and celebrating “their Love with Pride” as stated on their website. It has all been taken down.

‘This is HUGE! The website is now family­friendly, but more importantly neutral, which is all 1MM asks. 1MM appreciates Zales taking appropriate action to make this correction.

‘If all married couples want to be treated equal, then special wedding bands are not necessary. Thank you Zales for being neutral in the culture war!’

‘The Love & Pride collection performance did not meet sales expectations’

Zales, headquartered in Texas, has over 750 stores across the US.

Approached for comment, a spokesperson for the company send in a statement to GSN the collection had been shelved simply because it wasn’t selling.

‘At Zales, we have helped guests celebrate life and express love for nearly 100 years. Throughout that time, we have always been dedicated to promoting a spirit of inclusion, and continuously seek to evolve our assortment to best meet the needs of our guests.

‘While we deeply appreciate the dedication of all involved, the Love & Pride collection performance did not meet sales expectations. We remain committed to offering a diverse assortment to help every guest commemorate the most important relationships and occasions in their lives.’


The designer of the Love & Pride collection told GSN to say that the items are still available direct from his company website, and that he was ‘disappointed’ that the collection was no longer available through Zales.

‘Love and Pride’s goal is to promote diversity and equality for all communities with special attention to the LGBTQ community,’ said Udi Behr in an email.

‘As a designer that has won awards for my designs and philanthropy, my team and I worked passionately and very hard to design a collection that would be great for the Signet brand- Zale”s Customer.

‘I can’t answer for Zales. They will need to answer the question “Why?” I can say that I am disappointed! Please be rest assured that can buy my collection on Love and Pride’s website.

‘For the past 13 years we have and will continue to donate 5% to the LGBT Organizations that we work with.’

The American Family Association is regarded an extremist group by Southern Poverty Law Center for its work ‘combating the homosexual agenda’.

One Million Moms has not indicated whether Zales has directly responded to its concerns about the ‘Love & Pride’ collection. GSN has approached 1MM for further comment.