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One Millions Moms angry over a commercial featuring two gay dads

One Millions Moms angry over a commercial featuring two gay dads

When campaigning group One Million Moms makes a complaint about a company it’s usually because that company – in the eyes of many LGBTI people – is doing something right.

The latest organisation to draws its ire is travel brand Hotwire. Its crime? It’s produced an advertising video featuring a real-life couple of gay dads.

In the ‘Lucky Me’ clip, David Blacker (left – a blogger with GaysWithKids) and husband, Alex Goldstone (right), discuss planning a night away to celebrate their anniversary. In-laws have offered to look after their son – three-year-old Maxwell – so they’re looking forward to some quality time together, and have turned to Hotwire for guidance. For Goldstone, he wants a quality hotel where he can get a good night’s sleep, to which Blacker quips, ‘It’s not all about sleep!’

In a statement posted on its website, One Millions Moms urges its followers to email a complaint to Hotwire, saying:

‘ is in hot water with conservative families over their newest commercial. Consumers should be aware of the offensive ad because there are many other travel sites to choose from if parents are warned about this indecent ad.’

‘A commercial should not discuss what does or doesn’t happen in bed, plus the couple consists of two men. Hotwire is obviously not concerned about the message they are sending our children.’

What do you think of the commercial? We can’t help applauding the company for depicting gay parents in such a down-to-earth and matter-of-fact way. If you feel the same, be sure to let Hotwire know!