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One of the Power Rangers in the new film is LGBTI

Original Blue Ranger David Yost, who is gay, applauds the new film for its representation of LGBTI characters

One of the Power Rangers in the new film is LGBTI
Power Rangers/Lionsgate
Power Rangers has a LGBTI superhero

One of the Power Rangers in the new reboot identifies as LGBTI.

The remake of the classic camp 90s children TV show will show Trini, the yellow ranger, struggling with her sexuality.

Director Dean Israelite, who also directed found footage science fiction film Project Almanac as his debut, will say the LGBTI moment is ‘pivotal’ for the character.

The second act sees the titular heroes learning Trini is coming to terms with her sexual orientation.

One character assumes she’s having ‘boyfriend problems’, but later realizes she’s actually having ‘girlfriend problems’.

‘For Trini, really she’s questioning a lot about who she is,’ Israelite told The Hollywood Reporter.

‘She hasn’t fully figured it out yet. I think what’s great about that scene and what that scene propels for the rest of the movie is, “That’s OK”. The movie is saying, “That’s OK”, and all of the kids have to own who they are and find their tribe.’

David Yost, the original actor who played Blue Ranger in the 1990s, left the series after facing harassment over his sexuality.

‘They really stepped up to the plate,’ Yost said. ‘I think so many people in the LGBTQI community are going to be excited to see that representation.’

While LGBTI representation is getting better in comic books, for example with Midnighter in DC and Iceman in Marvel receiving solo titles. And the CW’s Supergirl features a prominent lesbian storyline, with Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow featuring LGBTI characters.

However, there has not yet been an explicit LGBTI character in a superhero film that uses the words ‘gay’, ‘bisexual’, ‘lesbian’, ‘transgender’, or ‘queer’.

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