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One in three Italian LGBT teens considers suicide

One in three Italian LGBT teens considers suicide

One Italian gay teen in three has considered suicide in the last 12 months, a survey by Roman LGBT association Gay Center has revealed.

Gay Center’s president Fabrizio Marrazzo told Gay Star News: ‘We interviewed 4,000 teenagers and more than a thousand told us they have thought about suicide at least once in their lifetime.

‘Homosexuality can be a hell when combined with bullying at school or with families not accepting their sons and daughters.’

The study comes after the case of a 14-year-old boy who committed suicide last week in Rome.

The unnamed teenager jumped from a window, at home, after leaving a letter to his parents.

He wrote: ‘Nobody accepts me’. The boy left a list of 12 guys who have been allegedly bullying him in the last months.

Now, the Roman magistrates are investigating for manslaughter and will try to find out the reasons behind this suicide.

However, Marrazzo told GSN: ‘This was just a case. Every year, dozens of Italian LGBT teenagers commit suicide and their families don’t reveal the truth.

‘Every year, Gay Center receives at least 20,000 contacts, the 60% of the phone calls are really dramatic.

‘Now, in summer, a very common problem is that of gay students coming back to their villages from the cities, for holidays, and finding discrimination at home and among their friends and relatives.

‘Every year, dozens of LGBT young people are literally kidnapped by their families: their mobiles confiscated, their freedom reduced and sometimes they can not attend school or university.’

Gay Center manages a gay help line on 800713713 (from Italy only).