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One viewer thought NBC had changed its logo to support ‘the gays’

One viewer thought NBC had changed its logo to support ‘the gays’

NBC has always had a rainbow logo

In the wake of the SCOTUS marriage equality ruling, a number of brands added a rainbow flair to their logos as a show of respect and support. NBC wasn’t one of them.

A Facebook user Don Stair was evidently tired with brands lining up to support the LGBTI community: so he posted on KARK 4 News – NBC’s Arkansas news station – telling them they should be ashamed.

The only problem was they hadn’t. NBC’s logo has always been a multi-coloured peacock tail – as a nod to the station being one of the first in America to be shown in colour.

Stair’s post read: ‘Your changing your logo with the colors of gays is a disgrace.

‘Just stay out of it… Your integrity is ruined… ABC KATV is my choice in the future for all Little Rock station viewing… Shame on you!’

A helpful staff member at KARK 4 News was quick to reach out and correct him.

‘We didn’t change our logo Don. Same logo as always.’

A number of Facebook users then sent their own messages to Stair, including one who added a rainbow filter to his profile picture in case in felt ‘left out’.

Stair has since shut down his Facebook page.