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Only way is out of Essex for gay TOWIE star Harry Derbidge

Only way is out of Essex for gay TOWIE star Harry Derbidge

Harry Derbidge, the gay star of The Only Way Is Essex, is about to 'shut up' for good as rumors he was leaving the UK's hit reality TV show were confirmed yesterday.

Obviously 'well jel' of his cousin Amy Childs' success since leaving the ITV2 programme, landing her own show on Channel 5, Derbidge reluctantly broke the news to fans on Twitter.

'Hiya! I really did not want you to all find out so soon but its out there, I am not in TOWIE anymore as I am moving onto different things.

'Thank you all for your support and keep following and checking out, and I will see you on all on tv again very soon.'

The news about the 17-year-old comes amid rumours show bosses were struggling to find storylines for him following the departure of Childs.

Fans are already mourning the loss of the blonde perma-tanned teen.

One emotional Twitter follower, jacob19979, posted: 'I actually cried when I found out @MrHarryDerbidge was leaving the only way he's actually my idol'

JordanChalmers1 also admitted to crying at the news, while others sent messages of support and made reference to his trademark catch phrase.

alfiegaga21 tweeted: 'How can we av TOWIE without SHUTUP! no1 else can do it'

TOWIE producers have announced they are lining up 12 new cast members to replace those who have left, who also include Mark Wright, Kirk Norcross and Maria Fowler.