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Openly-gay English soccer player reveals 20 players waiting to come out

Openly-gay English soccer player reveals 20 players waiting to come out

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Openly-gay English soccer player Liam Davis revealed around 20 professional soccer players are planning to come out altogether.

Davis plays for Cleethorpes Town, a non-league soccer club based in Lincolnshire, England.

In an interview with The Telegraph, he said he’s heard of a pan-European campaign to make a group announcement of players coming out as gay.

He said: ‘Apparently there’s a group of about 20 who are working on this, who have confided in other people.’

‘The only problem with that is then it would all seem very staged,’ he added.

Liam Davis
Liam Davis (Image: liamdavis08 | Instagram)

There are currently no out-gay soccer players in the English Premier League.

Davis was accidentally outed by a local newspaper in 2014. When the news broke at that time, messages flooded to his phone.

‘For a non-league footballer it was mental, my phone was doing my head in,’ he said. ‘I can’t imagine what the velocity would be like for any Premier League footballer coming out.’

Since coming out, he’s remained out of the public eye. But now he’s fronting a new initiative called Equal Game. The campaign aims to tackle homophobia in soccer.

When it came to Davis coming out as gay, he says his teammates and club are incredibly supportive.

He experienced a couple of instances of homophobia on the pitch, but says everyone rushed to his side in support.

‘Not once have I had a problem,’ he said.

And his advice for players thinking about coming out? ‘Do it, don’t worry.’

He added: ‘The game has been brilliant to me. As it would be to them.’