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Oreo's gay pride tribute takes the biscuit

The USA’s favourite cookie has pledged its support for the World Pride festival with a quirky image of a rainbow themed Oreo on its Facebook page

Oreo's gay pride tribute takes the biscuit

Sesame Street’s bright blue Cookie Monster would surely approve of such a colorful gay pride tribute as this rainbow-colored cookie from Oreo.

To celebrate pride month, America’s favorite biscuit brand posted the picture to their Facebook page yesterday (26 June). And it has already gained over 200,000 ‘likes’ and nearly 250 comments from Oreo lovers across the globe.

People across the world have expressed both admiration and disdain for the image and the international visibility of the picture has attracted many homophobic remarks with some condemning LGBT identity on both political and religious grounds.

Other critics, meanwhile, have speculated that Oreo doesn’t really support gay, bi and trans rights and just wants to profit from the LGBT community.

Despite that, many have applauded the quriky, artistic tribute and it seems some wish it was a real cookie rather than just a picture.

Jane Leveille-Gay Ludwig said: ‘I would love to eat this, I always start at the middle first. Yum, yum.’

The image has now gone viral with over 64,000 shares on Facebook and catapulted towards the top of Google Images.

Cookie lovers should check out the Oreo Facebook page.

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