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Pakistan is obsessed with Jodie Foster’s marriage to another woman

Pakistan is obsessed with Jodie Foster’s marriage to another woman

Pakistanis have turned to social media to attack the marriage of US actress Jodie Foster to photographer Alexandra Hedison after news broke of it earlier this week.

According to a funny column in Pakistan Today, the most common theme among social media users was that Foster had married another woman ‘to bring Pakistan down.’

‘Why else would an American actress build a relationship with another successful woman unless she’s a part of some Zionist Illuminati cult that’s out to get Pakistan?’

Others asked why newspapers were reporting on her wedding when there were so many more important issues facing Pakistanis to be reported on, while others still claimed there were no gay people in Pakistan so newspapers shouldn’t be reporting on them.

However not all Pakistanis had a problem with it – some suggested that lesbians could be the solution to Pakistan’s overpopulation problem, while others said LGBTI rights were an inevitable part of Pakistan’s path to modernization.

But those people were soon accused by others of being gay themselves.

‘That’s not how homosexuality works,’ the columnist, writing under the pen name Fraudian Slip, wrote.

‘It’s like saying that if you defend a black guy you’re going to turn into a black guy. This line of logic is not just flawed it’s highly embarrassing. ‘

‘Straight people defending homosexuality work under the premise that human rights reign supreme. Before you strike a blow to someone’s liberties you must think twice – so no, saying that two women who are happily married should be left alone doesn’t make anyone gay.’