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Pakistan: Man faces death for protecting his sister and lesbian mother

Pakistan: Man faces death for protecting his sister and lesbian mother

A man is facing death for protecting his lesbian mother and sister in Pakistan.

Musa, a name we’ve given him to protect his identity, helped support his family from a cruel and vengeful father.

The 24-year-old’s mother, Sadia (also a changed name), fled to the UK and was given full refugee status in three weeks.

Sadia’s ex-husband planned for their 15-year-old daughter to be forcibly married as revenge for his wife leaving.

But Musa fought back. He defied his father and helped his sister escape to the UK.

His life is now in danger. Musa’s father wants him killed for disgracing the family, and he is living destitute underground.

The application for a family reunion was refused. An appeal will be heard on 20 August.

Man faces ‘honor killing’ for protecting his sister and lesbian mother

A trans woman in Karachi staring out the window with cuts on her face
A trans woman in Karachi. | Photo: Instagram via @rizahmed

Sadia only hears from Musa by phone call or text now and again. But every time she doesn’t hear from him, she fears the worst. Her oldest daughter has also disappeared, and she believes it’s at the hands of her ex-husband.

‘He wants to kill him because he helped his sister escape. It’s against their honor,’ Sadia tells Gay Star News.

‘My son is suffering so much. He suffered all his childhood.’

She claims the reason the UK government don’t want to bring her son to her is because he’s over 18. She couldn’t bring him with her in the first place because she says children are considered the possessions of the father in Pakistan.

‘When I applied for my asylum, I got it straight away within three weeks. They knew that I’m vulnerable,’ she said.

‘They tell me to file for a visa for my daughter, and she came here straight away.’

Both mother and daughter are terrified for Musa. The daughter, now 17, also suffers with survivor’s guilt and blames herself.

Pakistan lesbian: ‘I don’t understand how I survived’ 

‘I am a cancer survivor. All of these trials are affecting my health,’ Sadia said.

Sadia knew she was lesbian at 14 years old, but dared tell no one. Forcibly married at 19, she was raped by her husband.

‘It was horrible – so traumatizing,’ she said. ‘I don’t understand how I survived.’

The reason why she’s desperate to stay anonymous is because her husband is allegedly high up politically. She fears anyone knowing anything about her in case something terrible happens to one of her family.

Sadia is now desperate for her family to be reunited.

Queer Strike, a group helping Sadia, asks people write to Home Secretary Sajid Javid (citing Home Office reference 703655).

‘The UK government claims to be committed to ending violence against women, including so-called “honour based” violence,’ they said.

‘The very least the UK government should do is acknowledge and value this bravery, including as an example to other men, allow him to be reunited with his family and get protection in the UK. How else do we stop violence against women if not by supporting those that put their lives on the line to prevent it?’

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