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Pakistan trans activists protest against US drone strikes

Pakistan trans activists protest against US drone strikes

Recent USA drone strikes in Pakistan galvanised the transgender community to join political and faith groups protesting against such actions.

The Express Tribute reported that dozens of transgender women held a rally and demonstrated against the drone strikes in city of Sukkur, central Pakistan.

There have been several protests by political and faith groups, and on Monday (30 July) the transgender community in Sukkur joined the anti-drone protests.

According to the protestors, the drone strikes escalate the violence are harmful and therefore counterproductive.

The transgender community protest was led by Sanam Fakir, who is reported as heading a local welfare trust.

Fakir criticized the drone strikes in Pakistan’s tribal areas stating that thousands of innocent men, women and children have suffered from the ‘merciless’ strikes, rather than the USA’s alleged terrorists.

She said that the drone strikes are responsible for the deaths of innocent people and are therefore greater acts of terrorisms.

Fakir rhetorically asked how would the USA target terrorists shielding themselves in a school full of children without endangering everyone.

Speaking with Gay Star News, Nuwas Manto a Pakistani writer and leading LGBT activist said he supported the transgender community of Sukkur. [Real name not used to protect Manto’s identity.]

‘Drone technology, at least as long as it solely remains in the hands of the foreign power, will be unpopular and opposed,’ he said

‘Not only because of the not-so-precise targeting that it claims to be otherwise. But also because 14 civilians are going to be killed for every one terrorist. Who would you have a drone attack? Your own government or foreign powers?’