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Pam Ann takes on Mykonos

The world’s best-loved – and funniest – air hostess, Pam Ann, shares her favorites on the very gay Greek island of Mykonos.

Pam Ann takes on Mykonos
Image courtesy of Pam Ann
The exceptionally well-traveled Pam Ann is one of Australia's top comic exports

Pam Ann is always one of the highlights of the international comedy cabaret scene – her unique trolley-dolly take on the world of travel can be regularly scene in clubs and theatres in all the global hot-spots.

But where does the world’s favorite air hostess go on holiday? We asked her to share her tips about Mykonos – the Greek island famous for its gay scene.

Where to stay

Belvedere: Well if you have buckets of money you want to piss up against a wall stay here! It’s absolutely gorgeous probably my favorite hotel on the island.

With great newly renovated rooms it is also the home of Nobu restaurant (see below) which dishes up a delicious breakfast.

Designer Ben de Lisi has been staying here for years. I have spent many breakfasts with Ben while he was getting snapped for the local Mykonos magazine. Ben is a fixture on the island – he is here every year.

I love this hotel so much I even stayed in the Belvedere suite one year, yes I pissed my money away but it was worth it!

Rochari: Just a stone’s throw from the Belvedere. I have stayed here a few times and I must say the best value you will get on the island. It’s family run and every year Stavroula will greet you like an old friend.

They have a regular clientele that return year after year staying in the same rooms, which to me is a good sign of a fabulous hotel. It is very gay – you are guaranteed to maybe lose your way back to your room if you know what I mean… wink, wink!

It doesn’t have all the trimmings but at the end of the day you are never in your room and when you are you are face down in the pillow! They also have the Little Rochari but if you aren’t keen on climbing a steep hill after a big night drinking I don’t recommend it, it’s a bit isolated.

The Rochari is so much fun – staying here makes me feel like I am going to my second home. Plus where would I be without all the gay attention!

Theoxenia: I have also stayed here by the sea, near the famous windmills. It’s more designer and very ‘Pam Ann’ if you like. Bright neon blues and greens 60’s inspired architecture.

The rooms look onto the sea, so there is no view of Mykonos town like the Rochari and Belvedere, but it’s an oasis and the sound of the water lapping up against the rocks is so relaxing.

They have a killer breakfast and the pool area is amazing. You can sit out there all day in the sun and just wine and dine. The clientele is a mix of straight and gay which is something nice for me to look at.

Where to eat

Interni: I have spent many nights here with gaggles of gays. I had a date with a Greek lover here once – me, him and 19 queens. Go figure! The food is great and the service is attentive but its the ambience that is the real draw. A DJ plays pumps out some tunes as you indulge sitting under the stars.

You must go here at least once on your stay even if its just to have a cocktail. It’s quite pricey but worth it for a special night out.

Nobu: As much as I love Greeks and their food after two weeks of Greek salads and grilled fish, a bit of sushi goes down really well.

Nobu Matsuhisa Mykonos is situated by the pool of the Belvedere Hotel. The prime location offers its guests the chance of dining in a completely outdoors area, savoring panoramic views of the white houses, the port of Chora, and the Aegean Sea.

I am a huge fan of sushi and Nobu its just exquisite and worth every penny.

Kikis Agios Sostis: This is a little gem wedged into the side of a cliff overlooking the most postcard friendly beach Agios Sostis.

You would only know about Kikis if a local told you or you were with someone who had been visiting Mykonos for years. It’s small and hidden and one of the most lovely, raw, rustic tavernas I have ever been to.

When you order your fish or meat you feel like they are literally going to fish for it or kill it and throw it on the barbecue. You can sit and graze all day, take in the view and get pissed on retsina. It’s only open for lunch because if it was open for dinner I guarantee you there would be many accidents. I have so many fond memories of sitting around here with my gaggle of German gays from the South of France.

Gola: The best restaurant for Italian cuisine on Mykonos. If you are looking for a special night, wonderful view, perfect service, delicious food and incredible decoration this is the place.

Egidio and Nikos, the owners, are really fabulous and know everyone and everything there is to know on the island.

By the way dinner at all of these restaurants doesn’t start till at least 10pm – that’s when the restaurants get crowded. I spent a night here with a gay couple who had just got married – I was the third one in their relationship. We had a fabulous night then walked home laughing and giggling our heads off – shitfaced springs to mind.

Nammos: One of my all time favorite places to eat and get merry with friends in the entire world.

I experienced the most amazing birthday parties here, basically it started off quite tame but as the champagne kept flowing and the DJ kept pumping out hit after hit we slowly took over not only the restaurant but the whole beach.

It was designer Julien McDonalds partner Andrews birthday and well it ended with dancing on the tables and palm throngs been thrown.

In any other country I am sure health and safety would have been a concern especially when chairs were going on top of tables which caused chaos and lip biting dance routines. Only in Greece could you get away with such debauchery. This makes Mama Mia look like a pre-school production.

Jimmy’s Souvlaki: Jimmy’s have the best souvlakis (small pieces of meat and vegetables grilled on a skewer) on the island. Make sure you pick one of these up on the way home from the clubs as you try and find your way home through the tiny white cobbled streets.

I love their big blow up images of their food on the walls its looks awesome after a few hundred cocktails.

Bars and clubs

Jackie O: This is the place to party on the island. It used to be Pierros but things have changed in the last couple of years everyone seems to be partying at Jackie O.

The club/bar spills out onto the street overlooking the sea – on a windy night this can be fatal if you have your hair out and are wearing a nice frock.

The music is pumping, although it does compete with Babylon’s music next door. You seem to go from one club to the other, they should just knock the wall down and make it just one big club.

Julien McDonald and I ended up being here one night till the wee early hours of the morning sporting some pretty fierce evening wear and the walk of shame doesn’t seem so bad in Mykonos because everyone seems to be doing the same thing.

Pierros: I love Andreas who has been running this bar for over 30 years. He’s seen it all done it all he is a great guy to share stories. I hope it gets its mojo back sooner rather than later. Mykonos needs all of these bars to work. Watch out for the shots – they are lethal.

Babylon: Right next door to Jackie O and this bar has the best drag on the island.

My darling friend Melli Magic from Berlin performs here – think Ginger from Gilligans Island. She is beautiful and her shows are some of the best I have seen in the world of drag. Melli Magic has been performing on the island for the past 10 years. She has many stories and is hysterical in and out of drag.

Elysium: If you want to see the sunset and watch some bad drag this is the place for you.

It can be fun but lethal, sunset drinks lead to a messy dinner followed by a wasted night. If you start your evening here trust me it’s trouble with a capital T! I have never stayed here nor would I. I am not a fan of all-gay hotels personally, but I’ve heard even the gays aren’t keen on the hotel.


Psarou: Nammos, my favorite restaurant in the whole wide world, looks onto this beach and its million euro boats that are anchored here. It is pretentious, rich and loads of pretty people bake here… I love it! Very Greek and I am talking rich Greeks.

There are usually paparazzi here snapping the stars and celebs that come here. Once Julien Mcdonald and I tried to get a sun bed and they turned us away until we turned up with a local Greek celebrity Tolis who got us access and when they saw the money we spent we have always been welcome back. It was like a scene in Pretty Woman when we returned.

Elia: If it’s water-skiing, para-sailing, windsurfing or sex in the rocks that you like, then Elia Beach is the place for you.

This is a lovely, long sandy beach on the south coast of Mykonos and you must stop by for lunch at the Elia Beach tavern – it has the best fish, salads and pasta.

If you just want to relax in the sun, you can do that too as there are umbrellas and sun lounges provided and it’s not as crowded as some of the other beaches or as pretentious.

Instead it’s full of gays from all over the globe and you can listen in on everyone’s conversations. I love it here, ‘cos I love my gays, it’s very social and the water is breathtakingly beautiful – crystal clear.

Super Paradise (Plintri): Is a magnificent beach with crystal-clear blue water in a small but deep bay. It’s a nudist beach which used to be mainly gay but today is mixed. I am not a huge fan but it’s nice to mix it up sometimes.

Agios Ioannis: The beach where the movie Shirley Valentine was filmed and has the best view of the ancient island of Delos. I love this beach, it’s low key, very Greek, great for chilling and having a break from the gays and the social scene.

The taverna is amazing – big couches and great seafood directly from the sea. Try the sea urchins they are still alive when you eat them, they move on your plate. Enjoy the traditional Mykonian style taverna with its unique outside décor constructed by local craftsmen and artists.

Fresh seafood is served barbecue style and local Mykonian wine is yummy. Eat pray and love, be merry.

Things to do

Delos: The island of Delos, isolated in the centre of the roughly circular ring of islands called the Cyclades, near Mykonos, is one of the most important mythological, historical and archaeological sites in Greece.

You can only visit on day trips and it’s fascinating but its so hot so don’t forget your hat and sunscreen. If you are into ruins this place is for you.

When I visited here I was with my Greek boyfriend, he bought the tour guide in Greek so I couldn’t read it so I lost it and argued with him the entire day. Fun! Trust me the islands are very powerful sometimes you cant understand why you become so emotional and if you have a partner these islands will test your love.

Cavo Tagoo Spa: Ideally placed in a unique location immersed in Cycladean light, facing Delos, the birthplace of the mythical God of the sun, Apollo.

Their mission is to fuse the latest in international spa trends with a traditional Greek approach to wellness and beauty. If its pampering you want, you must come here and wrap up the day with some over-priced cocktails by the pool.

Getting there

Mykonos Airport: I love the Greeks – they don’t even look at your passport they couldn’t give a shit!

The word terrorist doesn’t even enter their thoughts – just the girl’s ass that passed through security enters their minds. Smoking under the wing while they’re refueling the aircraft is also common.

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