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Pamela Anderson: ‘I am a gay man trapped in this body’

Pamela Anderson: ‘I am a gay man trapped in this body’

When the cast of the all-star edition of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars was unveiled last Friday (27 July), Pamela Anderson and Bristol Palin were asked what they thought of gay people.

Bristol’s answer of ‘I am not homophobic’ got all the headlines and few seemed to notice that Anderson, the former star of Baywatch, Home Improvement and VIPs, had quickly said: ‘I love gays!’

Gay Star News caught up with the blond bombshell at a cocktail party later in the day and asked her to elaborate.

‘I am a gay man trapped in this body,’  joked the buxom Anderson.

She then recalled her arrival to Los Angeles from Canada in 1989. ‘I landed in LA on Gay Pride day and I wasn’t shocked at all because it was completely what I pictured,’ she remembered. ‘Coming from a small town in Canada and arriving here, I finally felt like I belonged. Then I called my mom and told her how fantastic it was.’

She has only become more gay friendly as the decades pass. ‘I have a lot of friends who are gay,’ Anderson says. ‘I raise my children around a lot of different people all over the world and some of their best friends, their aunts and uncles, are gay.’

‘The new generation is more receptive to our differences,’ she adds. ‘One more generation and it will all be okay.’