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Pansexual people explain what their sexuality means

Pansexual people explain what their sexuality means

Pansexuality is still something that society is learning about.

Within 24 hours of singer Janelle Monae coming out, the word ‘pansexual’ topped Merriam-Websiter’s search.

That goes to show that people do want to learn though!

Tomorrow is Pansexual Pride Day. So get ready to learn a little.

Here, 7 pansexual people explain what being pansexual means to them.

The Pansexual Flag

Gg, 21

‘I id as pansexual because when I am attracted to people it’s usually more down to their personality or attitude, not their gender or even their looks. I also identify with the term bisexual as more people understand it, but I like that pansexuality is inclusive of all genders, whereas bi just means more than one.

‘Some people understand pansexuality as attraction to trans/nb people as well as men and women, but I don’t like that definition, as it implies that straight/gay/bi people cannot be attracted to them, which isn’t true. However, I do like that id’ing as pansexual implies an understanding of gender outside of the binary and encourages conversation about it.’

Lily | Photo: Lily (@lilyellx on Instagram)

Lily, 19

‘For me, it’s attraction regardless of gender! So I’ll see someone and be attracted to them, but their gender doesn’t come into it at all.

‘Obviously, I notice gender expression but it doesn’t affect if/how I’m attracted to someone.’

Jamie | Photo: Jamie (@jamietld on Instagram)

Jamie, 25

‘The connections I feel are not towards gender/gender expression but to people.

‘It means I’m open to the possibility to date anyone… like a buffet instead of a set meal.’

Honor | Photo: Supplied

Honor, 17

‘For me pansexuality is truly being attracted to the personality more than to the persons gender. It’s not necessarily “gender blind” though.

‘Some pansexuals can have a preferences and everything.’

Laura | Photo: Supplied

Laura, 42

‘I don’t care what their genitals look like. It’s the person I’m attracted to.’

Courts | Photo: Supplied

Courts, 23

‘Pansexuality is being attracted to anyone regardless of gender or sexuality. It’s more about the person themselves than anything else.’

Bronagh | Photo: Supplied

Bronagh, 21

‘Being pan is being attracted to someone’s personality over everything else such as looks. To me, looks are just a bonus.

‘They could be a 10 but if their personality is a 3, then they are a 3.’

RJ | Photo: Supplied

RJ, 24

‘I tell people to think of the feeling of seeing/dating someone they find attractive and to take the feeling of excitement/happiness, then put it on anyone (not everyone).

‘If I meet someone who is hot, nice and I like ’em. I wanna put my face on that face. Regardless of gender.’