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Pantene celebrates Thai transgender community in new video

Pantene celebrates Thai transgender community in new video

Pantene trangender rights advert

Pantene is the latest hair-care company to champion transgender diversity in a heartwarming new advertising campaign in Thailand.

A video from the hair-care company prominently features a several transgender women, and was produced by advertising company GREYnJ United, Mumbrella Asia reports.

The video is presented by Thai actress and model, Treechada Petcharat.

It also features beauty queen Kulchaya Tansiri, model Nijshanaaj Sudlarphaa, actress Tachanan Khontrong, and Nicha Rongram from the Committee of The Foundation of Transgender Alliance for Human Rights.

‘What do you see? Do you see only her gender?’ Petcharat says, as the video intercuts between the other actresses. The video features transgender women reenacting different walks of life, including a catwalk model, a hairdresser and a parcel courier.

‘Let’s look again,’ Petcharat continues. ‘Do you see determination? Do you see care? Do you see strength?’

‘I see neither male nor female. I see beautiful humans. Who want to the the best versions of themselves,’  Petcharat concludes.

The video ends with the Thai Pantene hashtag: #SeeBeautyNotGender.

Follows on from viral Sunsilk vid

The video by Pantene comes after an advert for Unilever’s Sunsilk shampoo featured a transgender beauty queen.

The video was released earlier this year, and went viral almost immediately follow its release.

The four-and-a-half-minute advert tells the story of a father who learns to overcome prejudices and stereotypes, and accept his daughter as a transgender woman.

Both starring and based on the story of Rock Kwanlada, first runner-up of Miss Tiffany Universe in 2017, the video quickly went viral online and gained worldwide praise for its compassionate and heartwarming story telling.

In Thailand the video became a national phenomenon. Within the space of two months, the video received over 37-million views in Thailand alone.

The popularity of the video went on to help spark a conversation around gender, stereotypes and rights of transgender people in Thailand.

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