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Paraguay’s presidential candidate likens gays to monkeys

Paraguay’s presidential candidate likens gays to monkeys

Paraguay’s leading presidential candidate, Horacio Cartes, made strong anti-gay slurs and vehemently rejected marriage equality, ahead of the country’s election this Sunday.

During a Radio interview, Cartes, said that if his 28-year-old son were to seek to marry another man he’d shoot himself ‘in the balls, because I do not agree’.

He also said being gay is not ‘normal’ and compared LGBT people to ‘monkeys’, saying that marriage equality would usher ‘the end of the world’.

During an interview with Radio Chaco Boreal, Cartes was asked to his views on gay marriage, which he said: ‘I would shoot myself in the balls, because I do not agree. I’ll shoot my own balls, sincerely! [My son] isn’t short of anything in life.’

When the interviewer insisted, Cartes responded: ‘In football you can see the pitch limits are marked, but when in life there are no limits, I think then one enters with the scale of values’.

Cartes of the right wing Colorado Party, is a tabacco magnate who is also accused of money laundering and contraban smuggling.

His anti-gay rants sparked a fierece debate in the South American landlocked nation.

His main contender, Efraín Alegre, of the Liberal Party, said that he believes in marriage between a man and a woman but that with regards to gay marriage: ‘this is something that needs to be discussed in society.’

He branded Cartes’s statements on marriage equality as representing ‘the Paraguay of the past’.

Paraguay’s LGBT rights group, Somos Gay, issued a statement slamming Cartes’s statements as ‘cruel’.

‘We want to offer solidarity to the thousands of young Paraguayans suffer because of such malicious and cruel as expressed by candidate Horacio Cartes; We believe that the hatred and violence does not define family.

‘… Ignorance causes unnecessary suffering. To the LGBT youth and adults of Paraguay, we wish to say – “you are not alone or alone"’.

‘The Colorado Party claims to protect the Paraguayan family, claiming that if lesbians and gays become visible in our society, the traditional family will disappear.

‘But in fact, they are ignoring reality since that traditional family is no longer the norm’.