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Parents’ friend calls their gay teen son ‘fag’, parents immediately cut friend out of their life

Parents’ friend calls their gay teen son ‘fag’, parents immediately cut friend out of their life

These kinds of parents are the people that LGBTI teens need

Two parents are running for Mom and Dad Of The Year after they proved they will do anything it takes to protect their gay son – even if it means ditching an 11-year friendship.

Posting on Reddit, the mom asked for advice about whether she was too hasty to cut the couple’s friend out of their lives after he called their teenage son a ‘fucking faggot’.

‘Yes, our 17-year-old son is gay. He came out last year, my husband and I don’t care. He’s our son and he’s amazing and we are damn proud of it,’ she said.

‘One of our ”friends” who lives a few houses down apparently called our son a fucking faggot while he was with some other people in our small ish group at a weekend get together. Another woman in the group who is a close friend told me about this and made sure that we knew he was very much sober when he said this.

‘My husband asked him about it and he fessed up but said it was just the alcohol talking. My husband explained that this was still very much unacceptable even if it were true and told him that we didn’t really want him round at our place anymore.

‘Now several of our friends have been on our case telling us it was all just the “stupid words of someone who didn’t know better” and he was just joking? That we shouldn’t throw away a friendship that’s more then 11 years old over a small thing like that.

‘He’s 45? The hell you mean he doesn’t know better? I mean yes, he comes from a very Christian family and is quite religious but even if you don’t like the fact that someone whose kid isn’t yours is gay, you should keep your mouth shut and keep that to yourself.

‘So what to do here ? It’s become a small point of conflict in our group, though we do also have friends that agreed they would have done the exact same thing if ANYONE made remarks like that about their child.’

People agreed with what the parents did, suggesting they make it clear to the friend exactly what he did to hurt their family.

‘How would calling a 17-year-old a fucking faggot be a joke? Jokes are funny, how would that be funny exactly? When people say that to you, look puzzled and ask them to explain the joke to you,’ one advised.

‘Your friends suck. If they want to side with an old drunk bigot, let them. Put your son and yourselves first.’