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Parents surprise transgender son with these touching tattoos

Parents surprise transgender son with these touching tattoos

Drew, a transgender man

Drew got a sweet surprise from his parents when they revealed the transgender heart tattoos they both got in support of him.

He shared a photo of the new art on Friday (3 May), where it quickly amassed over 150,000 likes and 16,000 retweets on Twitter. He wrote that his heart was ‘bursting’ when he saw them.

The tattoos are simple matching hearts, designed as as the transgender pride flag.

‘They are a cheesy loveable couple (honestly, they are couple goals), and I thought they were getting something for each other,’ Drew told GSN of his parents and the surprise of the tattoos.

‘They messaged me a photo, as they were on holiday at the time and I burst into tears. Crying from happiness never felt so good.’

It takes time

Drew, who lives in Adelaide, Australia, said he knew he wasn’t cisgender when he was 14, but didn’t have any knowledge of being transgender at the time.

Once he learned the term transgender, he realized it ‘made complete sense’ for how he was feeling. He started to come out to close friends and his parents when he was 15.

Drew described the period between coming out and his parents truly accepting and embracing him as ‘tricky’. He added that he hated coming to terms with the fact that things take time.

‘There was definitely a lot of fear and questioning that went into the whole process,’ he explained. ‘I’m also hearing impaired and wear two hearing aids, so the idea of being even more different compared to the general abled and cisgender majority we have in our society was scary, for both myself and my parents.’

He also acknowledged the difficulties for his parents at the same time.

‘Whilst I was battling with this massive life changing idea that I wasn’t cisgender, my parents were also mourning their expectations and past memories of who I was, knowing that if this wasn’t a phase, that I may be ostracized further from the general population.’

Stronger than ever

Despite the ups and downs, Drew said he wouldn’t ‘change anything for the world’.

He realized the night of his Year 12 formal graduation, his parents truly accepted him and who he was. Wearing a suit, surrounded by friends, fearful and excited for the future, Drew realized what his parents saw.

‘They saw how much happier I was as Drew, and they knew that whatever made me happy, it made them happy too,’ he recalled.

Seeing the tattoos, he said, ‘made me realize that things did get better, even if it took a little time’.

‘My family has come out so much stronger from this, and we are all so proud of each other for the feats we achieve. I am as proud of them as they are of me.’

A message to trans kids and their parents

Time is what helped Drew come into his own, and what helped his parents embrace him. He wants other transgender people to be aware of this, as well as their own courage.

To be who you are despite our political atmosphere right now, is absolutely incredible,’ he commented.

‘Though you may not feel it, you are loved, and your existence is so important. If you are struggling, please reach out. You are worth everything.’

He also had a message for the parents of these children, simply that ‘love and acceptance is needed very much’.

‘It’s a terrifying world out there, and we are all stronger together than we are apart. Being trans is not a bad thing, it’s different, but our differences should be celebrated, for we are the same person you have always known, but we are growing to be the best versions of ourselves.’

He also encouraged parents to research and educate themselves. ‘Most importantly,’ he said, is for parents to know ‘when a trans or gender diverse child is supported, they will bloom into an incredible, inspirational person’.

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