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Paris Hilton’s brother unleashes homophobic rant against police

Paris Hilton’s brother unleashes homophobic rant against police

Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton, the youngest heir to the Hilton Hotel fortune, was charged on Tuesday, 9 May for stealing a car and violating a restraining order.

Upon his arrest on 8 May, TMZ caught footage of Hilton releasing a homophobic tirade against the police officers.

‘You fucking f****t, you just touched my dick,’ Hilton screams.

Hilton continued, claiming the officers were ‘raping’ him and proceeding to call the cops ‘f****ts’ some more.

‘I’m Conrad motherfucking Hilton! Don’t you forget it,’ he screamed as the cops escorted him inside the police car.

Upon his arraignment, Hilton refused to leave his jail cell. He then missed his arraignment due to his refusal to ride the bus.

The charges – stealing a Bentley belonging to his ex girlfriend’s father and violating the restraining order this ex had on him – carries a sentence of up to four years in prison.

‘We were friends, and we hung out when I was 14 years old, and then, I don’t know what happened, he had some kind of mental breakdown,’ a woman states at the end of the TMZ tape. It is not clear if she is his ex girlfriend.

This is not the first time Hilton has violated his ex’s restraining order, which she put on him in May 2015 after they stopped dating.

Hilton has been in trouble with the law in other ways as well, such as assaulting a flight attendant, a DUI, and probation violations.

His parents, Rick and Kathy Hilton, are assisting their son in seeking medical help.