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REVIEW: Hotel Grand Amour, Paris

REVIEW: Hotel Grand Amour, Paris

The chic restaurant area at Hotel Grand Amour

Traveling is almost always a tiring experience. Knowing you have a cozy hub to unwind in at the end of your journey is important. The Hotel Grand Amour, on the Rue De La Fidelite, is such a stopover, and a must-stay hotel for LGBTI travelers to Paris.

This super fresh hotel was opened last November and has been decorated with a lot of taste. It is packed with character that prisms the personality of the funky, hipster and eclectic types.

The weekend of 4 November 2016 was my first ever visit to Paris, my boyfriend’s second and our first real trip together just the two of us. We wanted it to be special and our stay in the romantic Grand Amour attended to our needs.

Exterior shot of the Hotel Grand Amour during day time

One thing that stood out to me from the get-go was the welcoming staff and their attention to detail.

The receptionist greeted us with the upmost consideration – though we were two hours late checking in – and his kindness relieved the stress of our delayed journey. It made absolutely no difference to him that we were a gay couple. (In fact, we think he may have been gay himself!)

The foyer at Hotel Grand Amour Hotel Grand Amour

Upon entering the building, notably the first thing our eyes locked on to was a statue of Mickey Mouse with a rather large erection. Yep – we instantly felt at home.

An obscure Mickey Mouse statue at the entrance

Mickey was a truly precursor for the eccentricity to come.

For example, we entered our amazing suite via the bathroom – only to find our tub was actually in our bedroom. Portraits of beautiful people in various states of undress adorned the walls.

In fact, the room was so unique that it’s kind of beyond verbal description. Moreover, the below (not entirely safe for work) virtual tour says it much better.

We spent the better half an hour in awe of 304Z, before making our way downstairs.

Open until 3am, the fashionista bar and restaurant area more than attended our appetites after our long day of traveling. The classic mojito is to die for – my choice every time – and the dirty Martini is out of this world.

Hotel Grand Amour bar and restaurant Hotel Grand Amour

We took our drinks to our rooms, and next enjoyed a relaxing bath with our elegant cocktails.

You know you’re well-rested when the alarm sounds off at 8am, after just four hours of sleep, and you’re awake and ready to function. Sleeping in the room’s king size bed had this effect.

We swiftly headed downstairs for breakfast.

A Parisian breakfast served at the hotel restaurant

Breakfast – the Parisian way – set us up for a day of touring the city. The key is to not have food that’s too heavy, so a pain aux chocolat was the perfect choice. We paired the deliciously sweet pastry with a glass of freshly-squeezed orange juice and were ready to go.

There’s nothing better in the morning than a waitress with a smile that could light up the night sky, and the free Parisian puff pastry parcels she delivered to us free of charge.

There was an extension of the bar and restaurant that we had not previously seen the night before. So we delved into discovery and found another 10 tables on an outside patio.

Outside patio area of the bar and restaurant Hotel Grand Amour

Another thing we loved was the hotel’s convenient location.

A five-minute walk to Gare de l’Est train station – one of Paris’ biggest and oldest, opened in 1849 – allows access to three of the metro lines (4, 5 and 7).

Not only that, but this quickly delivers you to connecting metro lines at nearby stations. This gives full access to the city’s underground network.

A scenic view of Paris from the Eiffel Tower (Pixabay)

The importance of the 10-minute walk to Gare du Nord is that it gives you access to the RER train service that runs North to the Charles De Gaulle Airport and South to the Paris Orly International Airport.

For any LGBTI couples wanting to visit Paris for a long weekend, you have to book a reservation at the Hotel Grand Amour. All in all, you won’t be disappointed.

For more information about Hotel Grand Amour, click here.