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Paris opening an LGBT archive center in 2020

Paris opening an LGBT archive center in 2020

A rainbow flag is waved at Paris pride

Paris is planning to open an LGBT archive center in the city by 2020.

According to The Art Newspaper, it will document the country’s LGBT movement from the 1960s onward.

Socialist mayor Bertrand Delanoë, who served the capital city from 2001 to 2014, originally conceived the idea. However, due to disagreements between various groups, it never came to fruition.

120 Beats per Minute

It is thank to the 2017 film 120 Beats per Minute from director Robin Campillo the center is making a comeback.

The film centers on AIDS activism in France in the 1990s. It received critical acclaim at Cannes and won the Grand Prix award.

‘The film’s critical and public success has enabled us to accelerate the process, which has dragged on for 15 years,’ said Bruno Julliard, the deputy mayor of Paris in charge of culture.

A preservation of history

The center will likely be in the town hall of the Marais district, home to a thriving LGBT culture.

Julliard continued: ‘The City of Paris has a concrete commitment towards appropriating the heritage of this activist battle and preserving its archives, and if there’s a city that is legitimate in archiving this activist battle, it’s Paris.’

It is also said the center will include a varied collection, from art to magazines and beyond.

‘It’s important that the documentation will be as large and diverse as possible, and I hope there will be funds for photographs and artworks to enable the collection to be enriched,’ Julliard further said.

The French state, Paris, and private partners are funding the project.

H/t: The Art Newspaper