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Gay Paris deputy mayor slams anti-LGBTI vandals who deface rainbow crosswalk

Gay Paris deputy mayor slams anti-LGBTI vandals who deface rainbow crosswalk

Bruno Julliard and the rue des Archives

Vandals defaced a rainbow crosswalk with anti-LGBTI messages in Paris last night, leading to condemnation from the city’s openly gay First Deputy Mayor Bruno Julliard, among others.

Located on rue des Archives in the neighborhood of Marais, the crosswalk was painted over in white and the words ‘LGBT hors de France’ (translation: ‘LGBT [get] outside of France’) added nearby.

La Marche des Fiertés [Paris Pride] will take place this Saturday 30 June.

Members of Les Coqs Festifs, a ‘gay and straight-friendly rugby club’, were among those to share pictures of the graffiti on social media, tagging Mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo and Julliard.

For many years, many people ask us why do we need Pride? Why do we need inclusive sports clubs like ours? Why do we need to show “our homosexuality”? We have the answer today,’ vice president of the club Alban Vandekerkove told Gay Star News. 

‘But the most important thing now is to stay strong, all together with the LGBTI community and straight friends and continue to be proud for the next generation and people who do not have the opportunity to fight homophobia.’

The reactions

The message sparked the outrage of local and national authorities alike.

Julliard tweeted his disappointment this morning.

‘The homophobic degradation of rainbow markings with an”LGBT outside FRANCE” tag in Marais is unacceptable and will be fixed,’ he said.

He furthermore added: ‘This new demonstration of hideous hatred will only strengthen our determination to fight against discrimination without fail.’

Secretary of State for Parliamentary Relations Christophe Castaner also tweeted: ‘A disgusting homophobic message took the place where the rainbow used to shine.’

She moreover continued: ‘Love has always won over hatred. On Saturday, we’re going to be marching together at Marche des Fiertés.’

‘This reminds us why Pride is helpful’

Mayor Anne Hidalgo also echoed Castaner’s feelings of shock and indignation.

‘This incident reminds us once again why Pride is helpful,’ she tweeted.

The Mayor also promised to repaint the rainbow crosswalk promptly.

Meanwhile, social media users shared pictures of street cleaners clearing the graffiti today.

The rainbow path was added on 14 June 2017 to celebrate the LGBTI community.

France isn’t new to these homophobic demonstrations. On 15 June, vandals painted over a double ramp of stairs sporting rainbow colors in Nantes. This occurred two days after a ‘legalize pedophilia’ writing appeared on one of the ramps.

 The Paris Pride parade kicks off at 1pm this Saturday at Place de la Concorde, before heading to Place de la République.

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