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Pastor: God punishes gays and lesbians by making them ‘effeminate’, ‘mannish’

Pastor: God punishes gays and lesbians by making them ‘effeminate’, ‘mannish’

God is punishing gay men and lesbians by making them ‘effeminate’ or ‘mannish’, a pastor and US pundit has claimed.

Larry Tomczak, a pastor from Tennessee, is seen in video footage suggesting God punishes homosexuals with the characteristics of the opposite gender.

‘God turning people over to their own desires, men lusting after men, women after women, and they receive in their own bodies the penalties for their sin,’ he says, as Right Wing Watch first reported.

‘I have watched people go into a lifestyle, and all of a sudden they become…a man starts to become very effeminate – mannerisms, speech.

‘I’ve seen the reverse, I’ve seen the same thing with women [who] start becoming mannish.

‘What’s going on? They’re taking in their bodies a penalty for deviating from God’s loving design and plan.’

Tomczak believes when gay couples find a surrogate, or manage to have a child by alternative means, this is ‘deviating’ from God’s plan.

The self-described ‘Christian leader, author and cultural communicator’ has written several books – some geared towards children – on the evils of homosexuality.

He states gay people experience ‘higher rates of psychiatric illnesses’ and on average have ‘shorter life spans – up to 20 years less.’

Last year, he was sued for allegedly covering up sexual abuse at a Christian school in Gaithersburg, Maryland.