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Pastor who warned of ‘trans predators’ preyed on women

Pastor who warned of ‘trans predators’ preyed on women

A Texas pastor who has warned of ‘trans predators’ has been revealed to have preyed on women.

Pastor Baker testified before City Council during a recent debate over the passed LGBTI non-discrimination bill.

He warned the bill would expose children to transgender predators in public restrooms.

Addressing Mayor Annise Parker as he spoke against the ordinance, he said: ‘I say to you, what if I came into the bathroom while you were sitting on the toilet?

‘Wouldn’t you feel uncomfortable?’

Baker added to KHOU news sation: ‘The imagery that I have in my mind is a grown man going into the restroom with a six-year-old girl, sitting alongside behind her, using the restroom.’

But city records have revealed Baker was placed on indefinite suspension from the city after the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) reportedly found Baker had sexually harassed female employees.

In a document dated 27 June, it says a woman complained and the investigation found Baker solicited sexual acts, made crude comments about female anatomy and forced women to hug him.

Baker was then fired from his position at the city council.

In audio obtained by 98 FM, the mayor said she would feel uncomfortable only because of his record of sexually harassing women.

‘The reason I know the OIG is overwhelmed is because I just ended a 28-year, 11-month career with the city and was wrongfully terminated and the OIG did not handle the case appropriately,’ Baker defended himself.

To which the mayor replied: ‘Absolutely, you are proof we do a good job in the OIG, sir.’