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Pat Robertson says it is possible to 'un-acquire' gayness

Pat Robertson tells a father on the air that a happy heterosexual relationship still possible for his son

Pat Robertson says it is possible to 'un-acquire' gayness

Pat Robertson has offered this solution to a man upset about having a gay son: Make him straight.

The television evangelist, well known for his Christian Right views, took a question on his Christian Broadcasting Network morning news show from a man who wanted to know how to show his son the love of Jesus 'when you know his sexual preference is an abomination to God.'

'Normally speaking, a person who has acquired this can un-acquire it,' Robertson said. 'We've had many people who have indeed left the homosexual lifestyle and gone into a heterosexual relationship and have been very, very happy.'

Robertson, 81, told viewers that when it comes to the debate over whether sexuality is something you're born with or acquired, he believes 'a lot of it is acquired.'

Robertson did not advocate the father disown his son.

'All I can say is love the son, love the son, and show him what you consider a better way,' he said.

Robertson has often expressed anti-gay views. Earlier this month, he blasted the Obama administration for its push to use U.S. tax dollars to help change policies deemed discriminatory against the LGBT community in countries where their sexual orientation puts them at risk.

He said of the proposal: 'Isn’t it appalling that the United States of America would try to force the acceptance of homosexuality on other nations but at the same time we would not force them to take care of their religious minorities and they would permit discrimination and persecution of Christians?'

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