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Runner Paula Radcliffe: ‘There are different levels of transgender’

Runner Paula Radcliffe: ‘There are different levels of transgender’

British women's marathon runner Paula Radcliffe

British women’s marathon world-record holder Paula Radcliffe made transphobic comments today (5 March).

The runner warned of potential ‘manipulation’ in top-level sport unless tighter rules are applied to trans women.

She said: ‘There is also the different levels of transgender, so whether they’re fully transitioned, or whether they are taking hormone suppressants or not,’ Radcliffe told BBC Sport.

‘Right now, transgender women are not a threat to female sport.

‘But you would be näive if you thought that, by not putting in any rules, it couldn’t come to that at some point in the future.’

She also said trans women have ‘certain advantages that women will not ever get.’

What did she say?

Radcliffe said she is trying to ‘safeguard the future of female sport.’

She added: ‘You don’t have to talk about excluding transgender women from sport, but I don’t know if the current levels go far enough.’

Moreover, she called for halt to the ‘attacking and bullying’ ensuing during the debate.’

She added: ‘Both sides need to be protected, and calm, scientific research needs to be done.

‘You can’t have the two sides doing the research. It has to be neutral.’

International Olympic Committee (IOC) guidelines state trans women should be allowed to compete without undergoing sex reassignment surgery but need to demonstrate their testosterone level has been below a certain level for at least a year.

‘Unfair advantage’

Radcliffe’s comments come after gay tennis star Martina Navratilova doubled down on her view opposing trans women in women’s sports.

She sided with those that claim trans people have an ‘unfair advantage’.

However, an LGBTI sports group removed her from its advisory board after her controversial opinion on trans athletes.

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