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Paypal will match donations to marriage equality campaign in Australia

Paypal will match donations to marriage equality campaign in Australia

paypal marriage equality australia

Tech giant Paypal has just thrown its support behind the Yes Campaign for marriage equality in Australia.

The online finance firm will match donations to the Equality Campaign up to AU$50,000 (US$39,00/€39,900).

It is hoping to help win the ‘yes’ vote in Australia’s postal survey on marriage equality. 

Paypal’s Australian small and medium business director Brian McDonnell said Australian companies had a ‘social responsibility’ to support marriage equality.

‘If you look at tech companies like Microsoft and, locally, Atlassian, they are actively advocating in the same way as PayPal that the result of this survey should be a ‘yes’ and marriage equality should exist for Australians,’ McDonnell told

‘Every person in Australia, and broadly around the world, has technology in their pocket every single day and that is a driving force in itself. That really creates a platform to get broad distribution about a critical issue.

‘This is not about marriage. It’s actually about equality before the law.’

Paypal will match individual donations up to $250 to help get the ‘yes’ vote across the line.

‘People are rational enough to distinguish between an advocacy position and the value of our product,’ McDonnell said.

‘Regardless of whether you are a ‘yes’ voter or a ‘no’ voter, we are the safest way to pay online.’

Donate to the Yes Campaign where PayPal will match your donation.