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Pebble-shaped Dojo offers easy, no-frills security for smart home devices

Pebble-shaped Dojo offers easy, no-frills security for smart home devices

It may look like nothing more than a pebble, but Dojo offers security to smart homes.

Silicon valley start-up Dojo Labs has created a device aiming to make the Internet of Things in homes around the world more secure.

A team of security experts and hackers are the creative minds behind the Palo Alto-based company’s pebble-shaped device, designed to protect a smart home’s connected devices against ‘malware, viruses and cyber attack’.

Connecting to the home network, the Dojo acts as a security layer between all computers, mobile and Internet of Things-devices – from baby monitors to smart locks and home automation systems – and external threats, ensuring the user’s security and privacy at all times.

In a bid to make the Dojo accessible to everyone, the pebble communicates via a simple chat app as well as the lights on its surface if any device is in danger of being attacked – it doesn’t require advanced technical knowledge.

Constantly scanning for ‘unusual activity’, breaches are stopped immediately and the user instantly receives a notification on the app – a simple tap on a button and the situation is managed; most situations can be mitigated without user involvement, although an amber light will still alert them.

Machine learning allows Dojo to learn from your devices by detecting behavioral patterns; but it also draws onto the Dojo Cloud, a ‘cloud based cyber security engine’ collecting and analyzing metadata generated and deployed by every active Dojo.

Currently in the pre-order period, the Dojo is priced at $99 (£65.66, €92.94) and available directly from Dojo Labs, via amazon; when the pre-order window closes, the price is set to rise to $199 (£131.99, €186.83).