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An encounter on a beach in Portugal

Short film Pedro explores the adventures of a young guy in the heat of summer

An encounter on a beach in Portugal
Pedro – a short film by Andre Santos and Marco Leao. Image courtesy of Peccadillo Pictures

In their short film Pedro, filmmakers Andre Santos and Marco Leao give us the sun-drenched and sensual story of a young guy, dragged to the beach by his mother.

We spoke with Marco Leao for a behind-the-scenes look at the film:

What was your inspiration for this story?

Our work has been focused on family issues, and expectations in life and love, and is mostly biographical. So the inspiration for Pedro came from moments experienced in both our lives. He’s a character that we identify with as the story comes from our own personal stories.

What was the production process like?

The production process had its ups and downs. We had to postpone the shooting twice due to weather conditions, and we only met our Director of Photography the day before we started shooting. We shot everything in six days, but the entire process took about two years.

What was the casting process like?

The casting process was quite simple. We found our Filipe Abreu, our Pedro, in a very intuitive way among all those who showed up.

What does the film have to say about male sexuality in Portugal?

Our goal was to portray a particular story and not to provoke thought on a specific Portuguese issue. We believe that our story can be quite universal.

What do you hope that audiences feel when watching this film?

We would love that audiences put themselves in the shoes of both mother and son, without judging them. It’s easy to take sides, but this film is about life itself finding it’s own course.

What has the response to the film been like so far?

The film is going very well on the festival circuit. Since it played at Sundance at the beginning of the year, there’s been an increased interest.

What next for Andre Santos and Marco Leao?

We’re working on our first feature script, as part of the Faliro House and Sundance Mediterranean Screenwriters Lab. We also have a new short film coming up, and we’re in pre-production of a creative documentary set in Aokigahara in Japan.

Pedro is distributed by Peccadillo Pictures as part of its compilation Boys On Film 17: Love Is The Drug.

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