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These penis-shaped waffles are causing a stir in Bangkok

These penis-shaped waffles are causing a stir in Bangkok

Penis-shaped waffles for your consideration

There’s a new delicacy in Bangkok that’s getting all kinds of attention. What is it, you ask? Penis-shaped waffles.

The food, which some love and others not so much, is sold at the stall Pho Hai Ma, which translates to ‘I Got It From My Dad’.

It all first started gaining attention when a video was posted on Facebook earlier this month. It now has over 19 million views.

Warning: The video and following photos might be viewed as NSFW.

Posted by Marefood on Saturday, 16 September 2017

While the stall is getting plenty of business, not everyone supports the endeavor.

Thai chef Yingsak Chonglertjetsadawong is urging a boycott of the stall: ‘Would you buy this for your parents? Would you put this in a monk’s alms bowl? If a girl aged 7 or 8 was eating it on the street, is that something you’d want to see?’

He made his comments to the website Khaosod English.

The manager of the restaurant, however, isn’t bothered by this. She told the same site: ‘Some people told me that I’m doing something obscene and un-Buddhist. I just want people to view it as a snack.’

Whatever the debate is, people are clearly enjoying the waffles.

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This isn’t the first time penis-shaped food has popped up. A video of similar treats was posted to YouTube earlier this year from the Chinese Summer Market in Toronto. And plenty of bakeries and chocolate store around the world do various genitalia-shaped snacks.