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Pennsylvania mayor defies gay marriage ban

Pennsylvania mayor defies gay marriage ban

A mayor in Braddock, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania contributed to the resistance against the state’s same-sex marriage ban by marrying two men on Monday night.

Mayor John Fetterman said the state law that effectively bans same-sex marriage is ‘a fundamentally unjust piece of legislation’.

Fetterman married John Kandray and Bill Gray, who have been together for 11 years and have two dogs.

When the couple heard that Montgomery County was issuing same-sex marriage licenses despite the state ban, they traveled across the state to get one.

‘We pay the same taxes, we do everything the same, but we don’t have the same rights,’ said Kandray, CBS Pittsburgh reports.

Kandray and Gray were married at the mayor’s home, in the company of the couple’s family and friends.

Two weeks ago Wills D. Bruce Hanes, a registrar in Montgomery County, started issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples because he said he wanted to be ‘on the right side of history and the law’.

Americans Civil Liberties Union of Pennsylvania are pursuing the lawsuit that challenges the state’s law that bans gay marriage, a state statute enacted in 1996.