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Pentagon makes recommendations for transgender military service

Pentagon makes recommendations for transgender military service

People protesting the transgender military ban

Defense Secretary James Mattis of the US Pentagon gave the White House recommendations for transgender military service on Friday (23 February).

It is unclear what the recommendations are, but the Washington Post reported yesterday he was going to advise allowing transgender personnel to remain.

‘The recommendations were a private conversation between the secretary and the White House, and the contents will remain private,’ Pentagon spokesman Maj. Dave Eastburn said.

The recommendations came after US District Judge Marvin Garbis noted a new policy coming on 21 February in a court order. Though it’s a couple days late, the Pentagon did pass along new directives.

Another Pentagon spokesperson, Dana White, said he missed the deadline because the issues is ‘complex’. She added the secretary is taking time and considering ‘the information he has been given’.

A murky future

However, without knowing what the recommendations are, there are still many unanswered questions. It is also still unknown whether or not the Trump administration will adopt them by a 23 March deadline .

The deadline comes from Donald Trump’s August memorandum. This followed his initial tweets indicating a ful ban on transgender personnel.

As of the start of the year, trans people were allowed to join the military again. What comes next, though, remains unclear.