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People are joking about 'gay cure therapy' but this is the reality

This boy, who went to a course intended to turn him into a 'man', died at just 15

People are joking about 'gay cure therapy' but this is the reality

This picture shows a skeletal, emaciated figure fighting for his life.

Raymond Buys was starved and tortured and even forced to eat his own feces. Severely malnourished, dehydrated, with burns and wounds all over his body, he lay in intensive care for four weeks until he died.

He was just 15.

Just 10 weeks before, the teen’s parents signed him up in 2011 for the Echo Wild Game Rangers course in South Africa in perfect health with the intention of ‘making him a man’.

We do not know how he identified sexually, but for being ‘effeminate’ he was chained to his bed every night and was repeatedly tortured.

In one witness testimony, a fellow victim said the course ‘General’ tied Buys to a chair naked with his head covered in a pillowcase, would beat him with planks and hosepipes, and would electrocute him with a stun gun.

This is an extreme, but very real, instance of ‘conversion therapy’.

Every single time I have to write about this ‘therapy’ in a news article I remind people that ‘gay cures’ have been condemned by every mainstream health and psychological group in the world. They do not work. They are dangerous to a person’s mental and physical health. And they should not be attempted by anyone.

With the election of Donald Trump and Mike Pence, I get people want to joke. I get people want to get back to a shred of normalcy. It’s a natural reaction.

But memes like this only distract us from the very real danger of what ‘conversion’ camps actually are:


It bears repeating: the election of a Vice President who supports ‘gay cure’ therapy is not normal.

Laughing about the possibility of being sent to a gay cure camp is not normal.

We cannot allow this to become the ‘new normal’.

Many people believe ‘gay cure’ camps are basically full of repressed gay dudes sitting around praying all day and then going into each others bunks to have sex.

But even if you are not murdered in the attempt to make you ‘manly’, the vast majority of the people sent to these camps are vulnerable teens.

I shudder to think about the LGBTI teens whose families sent them to be ‘cured’, were traumatized, and later committed suicide. The number is countless.

Alex De Koker, the ‘gay cure General’, was found guilty of murder, child abuse and neglect in 2015. He was sent to prison for 25 years.

But this has not stopped ‘courses’ like his from cropping up all over the world. ‘Gay cures’ need to stop immediately, and we need to do everything we can to make sure they do not exist. The danger is very, very real.

Joe Morgan is the editor-at-large at Gay Star News. He can be reached on Twitter.

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    Last time they tried to make all men equal… was some communist country…

    Gay men are men already. WTF! Men do not all have to be rotten cave men… manhood expression doesn’t have to be uniform…

    Gay porn has a million times more joy than any rape porn, I mean straight porn.

    I don’t have children, but if one, two or none of them were gay, I’d just be chuffed that I’d raised a non bigoted, non racist, non sexist member of the human race who could contribute, not denigrate. We all bleed the same damn colour at the end of the day and no ones blood is more important or revered than the next. But I still weep for the injustices of the world and recognise my white privilege every damn day. I may not like it and I don’t always do anything to make it right in the moment, but it sure makes me a more socially aware human being. Be the change you want to see in this world. I think we can all resonate with that 😴

    This is so fucking depressing; what it says about society’s priorities, The unneccesary death of a young man. Ugh. :'(

    Angel Swan says:

    If Pence truly believes this therapy could work then he would have to believe that it could turn a straight person gay too by changing the content to suit the gender of the individual. If he wants to prove that it can change someone’s sexuality then I volunteer him as tribute! It isn’t therapy, it’s torture to the point people are forced to lie about who they are. And if they are lucky enough to survive it, they are so psychologically damaged that they find it very difficult to engage in human relations even on a platonic level as all trust for other humans gets wiped from the mind when humans are seen as a threat to the individuals existence. Countless studies in the thousands have been conclusive that Conversion “Therapy” DOES NOT WORK! And they do this kinda shit in the name of God? 1500 species in this world have been observed and discovered that homosexuality occurs in them. Has God really been wrong 1500 times? Could it be that just like everything else in this world, if God does exist, that variety is the spice of life and sexuality is a spectrum of variety? Just like we have many different skin colours, different hair colours, different eye colours, different abilities… why must sexuality be straight or wrong? It’s absurd!

    Congratulations parents, you killed your own child because of your own closed mindedness (y)

    Some peole wouldrather have adead child than a gay one they should not be allowed any

    his parents should die be beat up to death.

    Dina Kenny says:

    His parents are also guilty!

    His parents should be charged for this, they’re the ones we trust to keep us safe. They failed. The law need to show parents that it isn’t tolerated. RIP Raymond. <3

    Bec Campbell says:

    Wow ! Parental love- charge them withhus murder too!

    Lana Dupont says:

    I am the PROUD mother of twin gay young men. I am DEVASTATED that this continues. I can not understand how this is even legal!! If DCF found a family doing this to their minor child the child would be removed and the parents arrested. WHY/HOW can this legally continue?!?!?!? Pence and anyone else that tries to “cure” my boys will have to go through me first. We must stand up to this brutality, LGBTQ needs our help we have to stand together. PLEASE PLEASE sign petitions, call your reps, write your congressman and March if you can. Equality march WORLD WIDE is June 11th check your cities for times and places. Thank you.

    My Maid of Honour and best friend was sent to conversion camp as a teenager. Watching him struggle with his identity, anorexia, bulimia, and suicide attempts as he recovered. In his 20’s he tried to commit suicide one night after his mother told him that his father was dying of cancer because of his sins as a gay man. (As he is a religious person he struggled with concerns I could not fully comprehend and rectifying his religion with his true self was such a severe trial for him.) I wrote this song for him after I picked him up from the hospital. I love him. I dedicate it to all of you who’ve faced this terror and to this poor boy in the article. It’s called “Don’t Worry”.

    The parents should be jailed and sterilized so they can’t have anymore children.

    The parents should be jailed and sterilized so they can’t have anymore children.

    Feel guilty…his parents should be put in jail!

    Many of you might not care but people are people. The moment you start saying “HES A FAG LETS KILL HIM” because hes different, guess what your no diffrent then a man known as Adolf Hitler. Killed millions just because they was born diffrent. Many argue about being gay being a choice or somthing your born with but let me ask you this what is anything you do, just chemical reaction in the brain. If your getting vagina or dick its just a chemical in the brain meaning your born like this and if your beating somone for this then your no diffrent then Hitler and need to be shot.

    In this day & age this disgracful.. Have certain people learnt nothing & evolved. Being Gay is not a life chioce or something that can be cured. these people will rot in hell for there evil doings . How could any parent do this to thier child & think there is a place in heaven for them …Evil!

    very sad what a terrible mentor growing up parents he had I was very blessed so glad my parents lovwed me for me ….

    Tony Farrell says:

    What’s wrong with us, God have mercy on us all

    The parents and those involved should be jailed. Heartless and senseless homophobic abuse. Justice for Raymond Buys! 🏳️‍🌈💜 PARENTS: Love your children as well as their own being.

    I can’t believe this day and age people are still trying to pursue this absolute shite ! – i mean I even hate the term coming out you are who you are and you shouldn’t have to ‘come out’ and tell the world because by now it should be irrelevant and as if anyone actually believes that this works, it’s heartbreaking to read

    Anne Tanner says:

    Two of my relatives are gay. I consider the to be normal human beings. The notion that their orientation is a “disease” to be “cured” is revolting. The “cures” described here are nothing more than an expression hatred of anyone who does not conform to their twisted notions of “normality” The USA is careering down a fascistic path intolerant of anyone who does not support these prejudices.

    This is totally unacceptable people are people know matter what their gender they are human beings, and humans have a right to live the way they choose I personally don’t see a gender or colour or race I see a person who has a right to love and be loved no matter what their creed I love people who stand for their rights to live free and love free 😢

    I hope his parents got the same treatment..very very cruel..however not once have i heard our Vice president make comments to send gays to a place like this..ifbanyone has its coming from the leftist/ liberals/and your holiwood elites idiots

    Daniel Payne says:

    Inhumane well i know it is South Africia Well we Dont talk about Human rights on that Level Well We always turn blind eye .. I was brought up to Believe . It Should not matter who you are I was brought up That to Love all Regardless of Faith Colour Gender 🙁

    Bryan Yahve says:

    Hope and rebirth always begin with the end. This poor teen’s life might have ended and because of that we have to give way for hope and rebirth to a new society. A society that we all feel welcomed and not in danger. A society where this teen would have felt safe.

    This makes me sick. You can’t help the way you where born. Loving parents would never do this to their own child. You love your child no matter of their sexual orientation. That’s not your damn business anyway. You just love them, period.

    Marie Taylor says:

    Absoloutely disgusting & sad that this kind of thing is happening…poor kids and shame on the people who run these places and the parents who put their flesh & blood through this 😠😭

    This is disgusting, to happen to anyone, but having said that Echo Wild Game Rangers is marketed as a boot camp, not gay conversion therapy, it is not effeminate, so this story is not the reality of it. There are many cultures and traditions involved in the handover of boyhood to manhood. Including the army. It has nothing to do with being gay or gay conversion.This one however does not represent what boot camps are supposed to be.

    Every employee in that program–and the kid’s parents–should be in prison.

    This is torture of their own child. It sickens me to read every word in this article. The parents need to be held accountable and bought to justice. They should be immediately named and shamed. What a disgrace on an international level! �

    Ela Adamczyk says:

    Is that for real? How such places can exist??? I almost think this is some kind of fake news…

    Pence should have to go to a cure therapy for straight people. Maybe then he would see how absurd this is. You can’t remove something that is inherent.

    I hope his parents suffer from a lifetime of guilt

    Pence does not support conversion therapy. Do your homework and don’t believe everything your read. Our President is the first open supporter of the LGBTQ.

    Erica Reaid says:

    And thats why the lgbtq link was taken off the whitehouse webpage one hour after inauguration? Wake up.

    Max Pauley says:

    Ever notice there’s no straight cure therapy? The reason there is ‘gay cure’ therpy is because so many terrified straight men are actually affraid they could. ‘turm gay.’ Please they’d never pass the initiation.

    It’s articles like this that make me cry, because I was lucky in that I was over the age of majority when I was outed, so I couldn’t be forced to go to one of these camps.

    TC Nino says:

    This aint fucking true and if it was then lololol

    This is horrendous, but a pretty shit article attaking memes, the entire culture of social media and tongue in cheek sarcasm does a better job raising awareness than these clickbait articles do.

    These Parents are the ones that need Therapy what the Hell is wrong with some People They could not Love and accept their Son unconditionally and now hes Dead My Heart breaks for the pain and suffering he was put through by this Lunatic a Horrific Painful end to a Young Life God Bless Raymond Your at Peace now with the Anges XXX

    Please tell me that the adults responsible for sending him to such a camp were also charged & found guilty!!!

    Dillon Perry says:

    This makes me want to cry and seriously hurt the parents.

    Thom Bohr says:

    This is no worse and tantamount to the same thing when parents disowned their kids and threw them out on street when the came out being gay.

    I grew up with an older brother that was gay it took my parents by surprise of course and calling the bishop of our church to come to talk to my brother well whatever he said didn’t work and needless to say the bishop told him he was excommunicated and they left our house and well from that point on my parents that were sealed in the temple and didn’t return to church for many years because of that night in 1973 besides all that we loved my brother and have ever since

    Alec Fraser says:

    What did his parents think was going to happen? Just send a baby to go live with wolves and expect them not to want to find out if the baby tastes like meat sooner or later. This is a crime against humanity.

    That’s horrible!!

    Totally ignorant people can’t believe what I’m reading Jorga D’Adamo so upsetting

    True love is accepting everyone as a human being..remember all souls are same color…..

    Sierra Davis says:

    Mike Pence is a gay man suffering from PTSD induced by conversion therapy. The very fact that he turns on his television to see happy gay couples triggers his PTSD, reminding him of the pain he went through in the “therapy sessions.” I almost pity him. Almost. He’s in pain, but he’s got no one (legitimately) to blame for it but himself. He’s no monster, though. He just wants to end his pain. But, he’s going about it in the wrong way. He needs psychological help to undo the damage done by conversion therapy. But, unfortunately, he seems dead-set on ruining everyone else’s lives and mental health just because he fucked up his own. It’s pretty sad, really.

    I wonder if the movie “I am Michael” is Mike Pence story. It’s about a gay guy who supposedly goes straight! I haven’t seen the movie, yet.

    As a mum of a gay daughter this horrifies me. I love my daughter and would not change her for the world. It’s sad that all parents do not feel the same. Why would we want to change our beautiful children??

    Is there a pill for ignorance

    Anna Guevara says:

    HOW humans seems so capable of denying that Homosexuality has existed since time began i cannot concieve. It was never hidden nor denied in past History, only now when humans are supposed to have evolved and moved ahead is it an issue..Humans have devolved..that much has become apparrant to me these days. The HATE that fills this earth is on an unprecedented scale and getting worse..I dont want to live on this planet anymore..the inhumanity just leaves me numb!

    I voted for Trump but did not vote for this I am appalled saddened and hurt.

    I think the parents should go to jail, what happened to unconditional love!

    I really am ingorant in thinking this still goes on today. Shame shame on people and his parents. I truly hope they were prosecuted for something anything. Has anyone shut down this place down? My god people can still not beleive this crap works .

    As a mum I am mortified another mum could do this. As a human I am ashamed

    We joke about it because it is insane and asinine that anyone would actually think such a “cure” exists. Its an excuse to murder and destroy lives is all it is

    Pat Bennett says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to blame the President, or Vice President Elect for the death of this poor young man. His parents bear the full blame for killing their son.

    Kieran Vo says:

    I blame the president and Vice President cause they promote gay conversion therapy. What the crap is that? We all were born perfectly fine and we are who we are.

    Kymie Rose says:

    It’s just like vendetta

    Kymie Rose says:

    People would tell me that people fighting for equal love doesn’t matter and that we should drop it ya she’s just naive and doesn’t give a shit, I say this torture is clearly child abuse and a hate crime

    James Hendry says:

    the parents won’t feel guilt or remors, these are the type of people will justify by saying “he’s in a safe place with the lord” commenly know as the invisable one Freaks

    I’m sure they ARE happy. He’s no longer around to “embarass” them plus God’s will and all.

    His parents should be feeling guilty they sent there son there because they could not accept the fact that he’s gay. Now that he died I hope they are constantly in pain for doing what they did to their son. People who think this is ok need their damn heads examineed. Including Pence.

    I’m sure they are happy. He’s no longer around to “embarass” them plus God’s will and all.

    I don’t get how parents can accept their kids the way they are. Why they want to “change them”??? Love them the way they are!!! They didn’t ask you to bring them into this crazy world right?

    I have the best family they have always been there for i never had to come out to them it was never a issue they didn’t care if i dated men or women I’m pansexual but the older i get I lean more towards female I wish i could welcome any kid thrownaway for just being there self sending your child away to a gaycamp should be child abuse

    This makes me so angry .. can’t find words – beyond angry

    his parents should be arrested… i mean they paid for this shit they are as guilty as his agressor. THEY ALLOWED THIS SHIT

    His parents at need taking out and fucking shooting! Complete bastards

    This is so heartbreaking that people are being tortured because they love someone of the same sex We are who we are, it’s not a choice or a way of life Why can’t people just accept people for who they are God made us all equal I remember when my son was little he said to me “mummy is that your wedding photo” I said “yes” he said “I’m going to get married when I grow up, but I’m going to marry boy boy” My reply was ” that’s nice” My son is only 13 and the only thing that would upset me if he was gay if he felt he couldn’t tell me.

    So incredibly sad and such backward thinking in this day and age. I cannot understand how this kind of prejudice is allowed to be so open and widespread in America. Then again, I cannot understand how Trump was elected. With Brexit and Trump this year has been a real facepalm year for me. �

    Greetings from Finland. We here can’t understand such things. Unbelieveble this can happens on modern times and society or are this news from dark middleages?

    Finland will hopefully be expecting & welcoming American expats? Soon? Please???

    I don’t think this was gay cure therapy . Barbaric disgusting horrendous but not gay cure therapy

    Rekka Riley says:

    Doesn’t matter. “Gay cure therapy” is just as abusive, and it isn’t even therapy. The people running such programs do NOT have a medical degree or ANY sort of certification. They have no one to hold them accountable. And science has proven again and again that such “therapy” does not work.

    Boyd Dohse says:

    Oh PUH-LEASE, The vice president does not condone this type of cure. Where do you morons think this crap up?!!! Start looking closer to home….the parents!

    Rekka Riley says:

    Yes, actually, he does.

    I would put these parents through the same thing and I’m sorry but being gay is not an illness.

    Aldo Rivas says:

    It’s a concentration camp human beings in charge of these will get what they deserve on the next life .

    why so much hate

    WTF?! His parents need to have human therapy?! Hope his soul hunts them till the day they die! Homophobic idiots….

    While it is sad and horrible, people joke about dark shit all the time, that’s just how it is.

    Hopefully this beautiful mans parents will live long,miserable, lonely lives, giving them plenty of time to reflect on what they chose for their son!! He’s too beautiful for this world 💕

    I’m sure they are happy. He’s no longer around to “embarass” them plus God’s will and all.

    Joe Shaw says:

    You might not think it but form of ‘gay cute therapy’ exists in the UK – It’s masked behind some very vague language about forming ‘healthy God centred relationships’ but read between the lines and you will see exactly what I mean…

    It actually says “gender insecurity” and “sexuality”. Scary

    What the fuck? I thought this fuckery was just for the colonials!

    this unfortunately happened several years ago but thankfully justice was served.

    Marcus Lewis says:

    Ironicly I’m glad this has happened to them, so they now have to live with the pain for the rest of their lives for their ignorance

    I’ve never read anything as horrible as this WTF??? I hope his parents feel guilty as hell sorry asses

    If you hadn’t sent him there mybe he still be alive hope the mum and dad feel guilty putting though that

    Suzanne Ledo says:

    Disgusting. I hope his parents are happy… 🙁

    if they are right wing xtians they may well be happy Didn’t Jesus love everyone? weelcome to the most murderous book in history that makes mein Kampf look like a commic book the bible, much of it written 280 years after christ. Most people couldnt read or write then so the scribes employed by the church put their own spin on it then about 1990 when word processors became available, Xtian groups bought up bible publishing companies and changed the bible to suit often nefarious ideas the bible is 2000 years old but if you finde the word homosexuality or very similar, it was invented by a german scientist in about 1867 and of course all this anit gay crap comes originally from leviticus of 4000 years old WHY??? the death rate of newborns then was between 60 to 90% within a year depending on weather food, and who was murdering whom

    Peter Innen says:

    It’s no therapie, it’s murder!

    Brett Hayhoe says:

    His parents should be jailed alongside the “general” for the rest of their miserable, homophobic, pathetic, self-centred lives.

    These parents should suffer every day for all of their pitiful lives and then for eternity in hell. I realize many parents are dreadfully cruel but when combined with ignorance they are the lowest of the low.

    James Glass says:

    Don’t these scum realise that were gay or bi because of our DNA…HIS PARENTS NEED LOCKED UP…I HOPE THEY FEEL GREAT THE THICK IDIOTS

    Amy Parker, I’d like to see their initial reaction to gay porn – you know, before the conditioned response kicks in.

    Wayne M. Diercks True.

    Suzanne Ledo I have known MANY closeted gays and PENCE is absolutely a closeted gay man

    Melody Moore says:

    Amy Parker our political pursuations have nothing to do with it. There are right wing LGBTIQ people as well. Personally I’ve tried to always remain very apolitcal when it comes to politics, but I’m pushed more towards the left wing because of the aggressiveness and hositlities towards us coming from the far right and extremely bigoted and judgemental “know-it-alls” who know absolutely nothing about LGBTIQ people. You included.

    Amy Parker In the case of Mike Pence, however, the rumour rings true. Apparently he went through some variety of gay conversion therapy in his younger years and now vehemently advocates for it. I can only imagine the damage it might have therefore (allegedly) done. 🙁

    Amy Parker I’ll take a wild guess…you believe in a magical sky fairy.

    Except this story has nothing to do with being gay or gay conversion and about a radical boot camp. But there are still plenty of other reasons to persecute Pence if that makes you a bigger person than him 🙂

    Amy Parker says:

    I’ll take a wild guess….y’all are liberals??

    Eileen Hall says:

    Amy Parker It’s so common as to be a well-known stereotype. ” I can assure you I know many homophobes that are NOT suppressed gays.” How is it that you’re so sure? Even if you personally have slept with all of them, it wouldn’t necessarily mean they were straight.

    Melody Moore says:

    Amy Parker here are 16 perfect examples of Antigay Leaders Exposed as Gay or Bi

    Melody Moore says:

    Amy Parker whether you care to agree or not, there is a lot of truth behind what Gary Almas has said. I was an extremely homophobic and angry teenager myself before I finally accepted my true gender identity and transitioned from male to female. It was all part of a “hyper-masculine” mask and cover up to help me hide who I truly was. When people have gone digging into the lives and history those who are the most homophobic often evidence relating to “gay attraction”, or a repressed “gender identity” can be found. Quite a few evangelitic church ministers, politicians have been exposed and “outed” this way. I’m sure you can find these stories if you go searching on Google. However there has been scientific research on this very subject, so perhaps you would like to go to this link and read the results:

    Alec Fraser says:

    Erica Neil You’re right. Either these people are struggling with deeply seated personal issues about their own gender identities and what-have-you, or they’re just selsifh monsters with intent to inflict lethal harm upon innocent people at their whim. In this particular case: young teenagers.

    Erica Neil says:

    Amy Parker Right. They’re just flaming assholes.

    Gary Almas , that sounds ridiculous. So someone who has a phobia of fat people is fat themselves? Phobia has nothing to do with it, repulsion and hate does

    Amy Parker says:

    Gary Almas, I’m not quite sure where you get your information but I can assure you I know many homophobes that are NOT suppressed gays. You sir, couldn’t more mislead. I am sure, however, you will continue to spew nonsense and false assumptions

    No normal person less whether anyone is gay or not, if someone is gay that is their business, how dare anyone stick their noses in.

    Suzanne Ledo says:

    My gaydar is strong with Pence…

    Those who say the root of homophobia is not embedded in society’s hatred for us, but rather *only* in the closeted self-loathing homosexual, simplifies horrific and complex institutionalized hatred of LGBTQ people. LGBTQ people suffer marginalization by being denied service, employment, housing. By being legislated against, imprisoned, and executed by governments among a myriad of other “controls” placed against us in various levels across this planet. Do not think for one second there are not large swaths of people who want us gone.

    Beverly N Jody Geriets

    Beverly N Jody Geriets that really doesn’t make a lot of sense.

    I hope his parents got the same treatment..very very cruel..however not once have i heard our Vice president make comments to send gays to a place like this..if anyone has its coming from the leftist/ liberals/and your holiwood elite idiots

    Alison Lechtenberger fyi meexico has laws against hate speech re gays, ? trans etc Canada has laws against hate speech so the hated filled monster fox news is not allowed there Germany and Israel have anti hate speech laws, reason obvious

    That’s amazing ❤️

    Thank you for sharing, its these kinds of stories that show a glimmer of hope in the world. Disfrute México Amigo! 😁👍🏾

    You and your father are just precious!!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy Mexico!

    Bless you, you are a lucky man especially back in ’81. My parents did not agree with my being Gay but did not shun me. I”m lucky because it could have been worse. I”m 69 and Gay was like the plague in the late 60’s.

    Steve Powell have you ever been to a GAY CONVERSION THERAPY CAMP? Funny how in the article you posted they still mention the word GAY referring to this poor soul … odd to even suggest being gay when your version had nothing to do with gay conversion therapy. Don’t be so f’ing IGNORANT!

    this has also been done in the dominican repuGlick

    Karen Lynn Svensson Andresen- I agree Karen 😔

    I hear what you are saying Scott & I also know of two classmates that were sent to a “gay conversion camp” and both were psychologically damaged & one took his life. He was only 16. What was also said in this article was that more & more camps are popping up around the world & we need to put a stop to it. Not just in the US.

    Rekka Riley says:

    Steve Powell Do your research: Gay conversion therapy in the US is just as bad, has the same suicide rate, and is NOT an accepted medical practice. The people running such camps are NOT therapists; they have no credentials. No agency supervising them. They have no one to hold them accountable. Everything they do is abuse, plain and simple. Quit making excuses for them!

    Hi Steve, I understand what you’re saying. If the ‘media’ don’t tell the truth we misdirect our energies. If we are looking for ‘Gay Conversion’ techniques like this we can miss the rather more subtle but still damaging behaviours that are occurring. It is important to tell the truth so we can deal with the issues. The parents may have sent their son away to become more manly – hunting, fighting, etc – but not have any idea that their son would experience this and now they are criminalised too. Parents sending sons on camps so they can be in touch with their ‘manhood’ (whatever that means) is a long way from intending to send your son to be actively deprogrammed by torture. My rather musical, gentle husband loves camping and roughing it. I can imagine him as a boy getting his parents to send him to something like this. What if this happened here? We don’t know because we are being fed lies. We are hating parents who might already be living with tremendous guilt and grief. We must know the whole story.

    Paul Estrada says:

    I think I wrote conversion therapy NOT “gay conversion therapy ” this camp was designed to change a person that society view as less then . So I don’t understand where is your argument is because as far as I am concerned I was not defending this article I was just making a point that regarles on how you see it still a form of conversion therapy.

    Sung Tse says:

    Steve Powell sounds like you know what is “being practiced in the USA as gay conversion therapy” so why don’t you enlighten us?

    Steve Powell says:

    ‘Qualifies’, ‘on a par with’, ‘sounds like’, ‘covertly’ – all phrases you have used to defend this scurrilous ‘story’, because you cannot show that this ‘Ranger Camp’ was expressly set up as a gay conversion camp. The facts are not there, only feelings and theories. As for whether or not this was in the USA – in one sense, yes it doesn’t matter because what happened would have been a criminal act in the US, as it was in South Africa. It was a crime, for which people were convicted of murder, and that’s a hugely important point. As far as I know, gay conversion ‘cures’ aren’t a federal crime in the USA? So why is gaystarnews reporting this murder as ‘gay conversion’ when it would be much more useful to look at actual gay conversion going on that so far isn’t criminalised? Could it be to drive clicks to their site?

    Paul Estrada says:

    On a few articles it stated that they promise to turn effeminate boys into manly man, so wouldn’t that qualify it as conversion therapy?

    What is your take on this, Mathew Shurka???

    Steve Powell says:

    This is not conversion therapy. There are no other news sories where this is called gay conversion therapy, because it is not. This is the only source – where the website and the authors have a specific agenda – to drive hysteria and fear amongst it’s readership. Find one article which says that the main aim of the program that Buys was sent to was to remove same-sex attraction and I will concede that there is a case to be made. It’s no different from picking any other incidence of a gay hate crime and saying “look, this is gay conversion therapy!” – when it’s not. Of course there are barbaric acts committed with the express aim of ‘curing’ the person of same-sex attraction – so why doesn’t gaystarnews stick to those, rather than capitalising on the tragic crime of the killing of a young man by claiming it to be gay conversion therapy. It’s incredibly tasteless. This is a tragic story about a crime against a young man for which two people were convicted for murder. There is no mention anywhere else about Buys’ sexuality. They are using the death of a young man to stri up hysteria and illicit vengeance signalling from their readership.

    It says that in the article. Just some dumb news trying to stir more shit up

    Heather Rae says:

    There are many, many ways different forms of conversion therapy. Chemical castration and other “medical” experiments have been done in the USA and I’d put those practices on par with this. Point is your argument that by definition this could not be a form of conversion therapy is invalid.

    To me, saying that gay conversion therapy played no part in this is simply naive. Though this incident happened in Africa, this kind of cruelty is not limited to other continents. Extremely cruel measures have been employed here in the name of turning people away from same sex attraction. If you don’t think it could happen here, you haven’t been paying attention. And to say that gay conversion therapy only “arguably” causes psychological damage makes one wonder exactly which side you’re on.

    Steve Powell I don’t care where the hell it happened, it happened and he is a human being!!! This definitely is gay conversion therapy and this type of abuse may be rare, but it happened. None of what goes on in any of these programs is good and it all harms people, resulting in many taking their own life. I have heard about shock therapy and many other cruel things happening to people who cannot change the way they were born, and why should they? #BornPerfect

    Steve Powell says:

    I’m pretending nothing. This is objectively not gay conversion therapy. It is not what is being practiced in the USA. It happened on another continent, for a number of disgusting reasons. It was a criminal act, and the people who comitted the crimes were punished. By conflating this story with gay conversion therapy, there is a very real danger that the actual harm of gay conversion therapy is being ignored and swept under the carpet. Gay conversion therapy arguably causes severe psychological damage to the people who are coerced or pressured to undergo it. This is a tragedy and should not happen in any sane, civilised society. Claiming that this boy was killed through gay conversion therapy diminishes the very real pain that people who have gone through the process suffer.

    It’s just my opinion but if somewhere is supposed to ‘make men out of boys’ it sounds like an attack on their sexuality. For years the idea of masculinity equating with heterosexuality and femininity equating with homosexuality has been the norm in western cultures. In schools if boys are effeminate or didn’t enjoy ‘boys’ sports and activities they were labelled as gay. Still to this day if a male enjoys something considered ‘feminine’ or doesn’t live up to some macho stereotype he is dubbed a ‘fag’ or other homosexual slurs. To pretend that sending someone to a camp to make him ‘manly’ has nothing to do with his sexuality whether overtly or covertly is just naïve if you ask me.

    Rekka Riley I can vouch that every word you say is tragically true – having suffered rabidly anti-gay ethics for many, many years at the hands of Roman Catholicism and then a prolonged mainly Jungian “treatment” at the hands of Dr Anthony Stevens of the Royal College of Psychiatry. I think the second was the worst – being so apparently “rational”.

    Tyler Self says:

    These people *do* want to go backwords. “Make America great again,” its in their damn slogan. They are ignorant and proud of it.

    Rekka Riley says:

    Hate. Greed. Power. Control. That’s why it still exists, to give some people power over others by controlling their every thought and action, by whatever means possible.

    Catlin Mills says:

    If that was true, we wouldn’t have Trump and Pence in office…

    I’m sure they ARE happy. He’s no longer around to “embarass” them plus God’s will and all.

    Amy Lentz Lutz 😢

    welcome to religious freedom – murdering gay kids. this horrid scene happpended in south africa a few years ago here in the usa at a gay think tank conference in baltmore md two kids who were subjected to this horrid murderous thereapy spoke of the 12 kids in their two “classes” 5 commited suicide within a year

    Jeb Holley says:

    Greg Jegstrup That’s not God’s will what he went thru all the beatens, but More likey your right.

    They probably told themselves his death was god’s will

    I so wish that could happen!!! How can they – as parents – justify for one fucking second what they ALLOWED to happen to their child!!! I just can’t fathom where this type of thinking comes from….that people HONESTLY believe that being gay is an illness that needs a cure. It makes me so incredibly sad & angry. 😔

    Steven Curry They see themselves as the victim. 100% guaranteed. It always goes this way.

    Steven Curry says:

    They probably do not even care that he is gone

    Chris Hubley says:

    Alex Stevenson it says he was sent there for being “effeminate”. So whether he was actually gay or not, he was clearly assumed to be and punished for it.

    Perhaps I misread, but I thought the kid’s sexuality was unknown. Is that why this happened?

    Dwayne Adams says:

    I’m sure they do.

    Those were not loving parents if they couldn’t accept him- love him- unconditionally.

    Autumn Davis says:

    I hope the parents get jail time they let someone else abuse their child heart breaking

    Sanee Raval says:

    No he didn’t:

    Noah T. Pinder Always take a screenshot

    oh he deleted the message

    Waqas WH fuck off an die

    Megan Eberly Rollins I haven’t heard of using shock therapy on autistic children, but I have heard of parents giving their autistic children daily enemas of what basically consists of diluted bleach as a ‘treatment’. Google “autism MMS protocol” if you want to be absolutely enraged and disgusted. It’s legal here.

    He needs to electrify his own thoughts

    Genevieve Brown… you are a freak.

    I don’t know where you ever heard that from, Kis Brink, but I have never seen or heard of that in the US. I have a child with autism and several cousin’s with it also, as well as majored in special education in college. Maybe that happened in 1945, but not now.

    Kis Brink says:

    They stikk shock autistic kids for having autism . I have autism , I am thankful every day that the US was never a place we lived. The UN would likely get involved. They did testify about it (their expertsd in torture ) when it was autistic kids but torture is torture but it needs to go to court.

    Thom Bohr says:

    Krischan George Are you that daft? Oh, yes!

    Krischan George – he went to school in commie china click on his name into his facebook page What a commie dirtbag you are krischan and note his name he’s a “christchan so it says

    Are EL says:

    Mitchell Beer It is and has been happening under a democratic administration. Do ppl on here realize Mike Pence has not taken office? Or that Donald Trump said on 60 mins he’s not doing anything anti LGBTQ b/c of supreme court rulings? This stuff is on tv. It’s not on some paritsan “hate Trump” blogs/news. I know ppl like Obama/dont like Obama, but this shit has been going on for so long “curing” gays. It has very little to do with our gov’t and everything to do w sick ideological agendas thru religion/cults. Should our fed gov’t step in? Sure, but it will still go on. This isn’t new, it’s heart breaking and disgusting rather than “this politician”. If that’s wut ppl see instead of a dead, emaciated human then I guess we r pretty fucked up.

    Rekka Riley says:

    Krischan George Straight people don’t magically turn gay. Non-heterosexual attractions and non-binary gender identities make up maybe 10% of the world wide population, and that number has held steady for several generations at the very least. This is very basic science, I’m surprised you never learned it.

    Rekka Riley says:

    Krischan George Prove that it’s not bullshit.

    Ive heard alot about this but due to the horrid standard of bias journalism on the election I havent payed any attention to the framing of everybody opposing Hillary as a homophobe, at least in a policy making sense (I know mike pence has a homophobic history). Could you provide any links to credible sources that show real republican policy proposals that are homophobic?

    Krischan George is probably a trump rump buddy

    Kat Harris says:

    Nita Enyeart I know, I just said it was lol

    Kat Harris says:

    Krischan George wait, what? You can’t just MAKE someone “go” lgbtq. That’s not how it works at all, just like you can’t just make people straight. Kinda like you can’t just make someone catholic/christian/a religion, if they don’t believe in it, then they don’t. I was raised catholic and was… “made” to be confirmed at a young age, now as an adult I have made my own choices and assesments that have lead to the conclusion that I am not catholic. Doesn’t mean I can’t respect those who are or stop living by their ethic and morals that I believe are healthy to being a respectable person. I may not believe in god, but i do believe faith is important. You can’t force someone to be something/someone they are not.

    Nita Enyeart says:

    Kat Harris it is real