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People have to prove they’re straight in provocative video

People have to prove they’re straight in provocative video

Jazza John's video about asylum seekers

A new video from YouTuber Jazza John presents a provocative scenario: heterosexual people having to prove they’re straight in order to be admitted into a country.

The 11-minute video is a segment of a longer documentary by John called Prove You’re Gay.

The documentary explores the struggles LGBTI asylum seekers face when they’re fleeing persecution in their home country.

Between July 2015 and March 2017, 6% of all asylum claims made in the United Kingdom were on the basis of sexual orientation.

A report from 2013 found that the UK’s Home Office rejected 86% of LGBTI asylum claims ‘because they did not believe a person to be gay, lesbian or bisexual’.

Hetersexual people do not have to face this when seeking asylum. John’s video — and subsequent documentary — highlights the realities of this journey, and the absurdity of proving one’s sexuality.

‘So you’re claiming to be straight, and you feel repressed, is that right?’ the interrogator asks in the video.

Later in the video, the interrogator asks them what kind of ‘straight music’ they like. He also tells them to respond to certain photos, like a rainbow flag.

Then he shows them a greyscale version of the flag aka the ‘straight flag’.

He asks them to identify what each bar means on the greyscale flag, referencing the real-life story of a gay Iranian asylum seeker being rejected in Austria.

Austria had two other instances of rejecting LGBTI asylum seekers — one for being too ‘girlish’ to be gay, and another because aggression isn’t ‘expected of a homosexual’.

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