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People's heartbreaking homophobia stories are trending on Twitter

CW: this post discusses assault.

People's heartbreaking homophobia stories are trending on Twitter
Pixabay, posed by model

Australians have taken to Twitter to share their heartbreaking experiences of homophobia and transphobia.

#TheyGetToVote was started by comedian Josh Thomas (Please Like Me) ahead of the country’s postal survey on marriage equality. The hashtag was soon the number one trending topic on Twitter.

Thomas wrote on Twitter that he wanted to remind the ‘no’ camp what side they were on.

Marriage equality advocates were worried a public vote on the issue could open up the LGBTI community to hateful vitriol. But Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull promised that Australians could have a respectful debate on the issue.

To no one’s surprise it didn’t take long after the postal survey was announced for homophobic posters to start appearing in major cities.

London-based Elias Jahshan was one of the many to share their stories on Twitter. The former editor of Australia’s LGBTI magazine Star Observer said the hashtag was a way for the community to ‘take control of the narrative’.

‘I joined along because I thought the reason why it started in the first place was a great one: to show those people who are voting ‘no’ the kind of league they’re putting themselves in,’ he told Gay Star News.

‘It’s rather frustrating when people who have never experienced any form of violence, judgement or discrimination for being who they are, tell us that they’re no homophobia,’

Jahshan said it was important to share these experiences even if it is hard to do.

‘We need to share real, human experiences of homophobia – it’s the best way to make ordinary people to at least sympathise with us, if they can’t empathise,’ he said.

‘We need them on our side, and sometimes being frank about our experiences is the best way to go about that.’

CW: some of the tweets discuss assault:


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