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Perez Hilton has been fired

Gossip blogger is only now realizing his past will affect his kids futures

Perez Hilton has been fired
Perez apologizes repeatedly in the video

Perez Hilton has posted a video online where he breaks down crying because he has been fired from a dream job.

He says in the video that in the 14 years he has been ‘in this industry’, he has never experienced being fired before.

He did not explain what job it was however because he is ‘a professional.’

Perez got the job three weeks ago and for the past three weeks he has been ‘invested’ and ‘preparing for it.’ Then on 11 August he received a call saying that he had been ‘let go.’

‘I wasn’t really given any reason… A “higher up” had decided Perez Hilton shouldn’t have this opportunity,’ he said.

Perez says losing the job has hit him hard because he’s ‘not OCD but I have obsessive thinking.’

‘Sure, I am opinionated and sassy, but I have changed,’ Perez says, referring his reputation as a controversial gossip blogger. ‘I’ve grown, I’ve evolved. Despite that, a lot of people aren’t willing to let me continue to grow. I’m constantly being punished for the mistake of my past.’

‘They’re gonna suffer because of who their dad is’

Perez then goes on to say sorry repeatedly and adds ‘I guess I have to say that more often.’

He also says sorry to his kids because he knows ‘when they’re older they’re gonna suffer because of who their dad is.’

It is when talking about the affects of his past actions on his kids when Perez starts getting teary.

‘I just wanted to make this video to release these feelings, it’s like seeing a therapist,’ He claims. ‘I think this was a healing exercise for me.’

Watch the video below.

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