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Perez Hilton set to host The Chippendales in Vegas

Perez Hilton set to host The Chippendales in Vegas

Controversial gay blogger, Perez Hilton will join raunchy male dance troop, The Chippendales, despite saying he wouldn’t like his own son take dance lessons.

The celebrity blogger will host the fully choreographed show in Las Vegas for six weeks this summer, starting 26 July.

Raunchy interactive show sells out regularly. Photo:

“I am a big fan of Chippendales and I am so excited to be a special guest host unlike any other they’ve ever had before,” said Hilton., who celebrated his 40th birthday in March at Chippendales.

The Chippendales show is a global dance phenomenon and features some of the fittest men in the world. The sexy show regularly sells out to packed audiences.

Women flock to see the fit cast. Photo:

Perez is the latest celebrity to join the exclusive roster of guest hosts at Chippendales. Previous hosts have included international supermodel Tyson Beckford, Ian Ziering, Joey Lawrence and Tony Dovolani.

Hilton’s ‘gay’ dance lesson fears for son

To some, though, the move may appear somewhat hypocritical. Hilton said this year that he didn’t want his son to take dance lessons in case it turned him gay.

‘I would prefer my son to be heterosexual because that’s easier,’ the openly gay celebrity blogger said in a video on his website in April.

Hilton with his family. Photo: Instagram

‘We’re still discriminated against, and I don’t want my son or daughters to have a harder path in life,’ he said.

Perez said he wouldn’t change his sexuality today, but if given a choice when he was a teenager he’d have chosen to be straight as it was hard growing up.

The opportunity to host the male revue show came after Perez contacted the show’s publicist, asking for the spot.

‘Now I have a chance to be in a show in Vegas, have fun, take my family and get paid to have a free vacation,’ he told the Las Vegas review-journal.

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