Perez Hilton opens up about choosing his surrogate and becoming a father again

Perez Hilton with his family

Perez Hilton became a dad again for the third time last month with the birth, via surrogate, of his youngest child, Mayte Amor, on 4 October.

Mayte is the younger sister of his older kids, Mario, 4, and Mia Alma, 2. According to Hilton’s instagram, she ‘waited until 41 weeks to make her fashionably late arrival.’ She weighed 7 lbs 4 oz.

Papa Perez and his kids share their home with the celebrity blogger’s mom, Teresita Lavandeira, who helps with the care of the children.

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In an op-ed for HuffPost, Hilton talked about parenthood, his desire to become a father, and why he chose his specific egg donor.

He biologically fathered all his children, who were conceived with donor eggs from the same woman.

He says the process of having a child via a surrogate has become easier (although still expensive), and hopes states across the US evolve to have standardized laws relating to commercial surrogacy.

Currently, some states, including Louisiana, Michigan, prohibit compensated surrogacy or present legal problems for same-sex couples.

‘One of the main reasons I chose my egg donor is because she seemed nice’

On the subject of choosing surrogacy over adoption, he says, ‘While I don’t rule out adoption in the future, for me it was important to have kids with my DNA. My dad passed away when I was 15 and having my children is a way of him living on through them ― literally.’

On his choice of egg donor, he says he didn’t choose someone based purely on their appearance.

‘One of the main reasons I chose my egg donor is because she seemed nice. I’m sure money was a motive for her, but I could tell she was a good and decent person ― something that everyone from the surrogacy agency to the fertility clinic echoed. That was important to me.

Perez Hilton holds the newest addition to his family, Mayte Amor
Perez Hilton holds the newest addition to his family, Mayte Amor PerezHilton | Instagram

‘That was much more important than looks, which I’d be lying if I said it didn’t play a factor too. However, I chose my egg donor from my agency’s general pool. There’s a “VIP list,” which is littered with a bunch of former beauty queens.’

He says he’s very happy with his life and loves being a dad – which is something he wanted to do when young.

‘I also wanted to have my kids before I got too old. Hopefully that next era of my life I can focus on romance and men.’

Hilton and his family celebrated Halloween with plenty of dressing up. The family dressed as Minions this year, as documented on his Instagram.

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