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Perez Hilton urges stars he says are closeted to go public

Perez Hilton urges stars he says are closeted to go public

CNN newsman and daytime talk show host Anderson Cooper has never discussed his sexuality publicly and blogger Perez Hilton thinks it's time he should.

'Look at someone like Anderson Cooper who even Out Magazine has reported as being gay,' Hilton says in an interview with that surfaced on YouTube this week. 'Has Anderson Cooper come out? No. That's his choice. He's going to remain in the closet even though everybody knows he's gay. And that's okay because it's his story to tell if and when he's ready.'

Until then, Hilton indicates that Cooper's private life is fair game.

'That doesn't mean the gay media – myself included – shouldn't talk about Anderson Cooper being in the closet and [that] we shouldn't talk about how much better it would be for the community and for him if he were open.'

The blogger, whose real name is Mario Lavandeira, says Cooper is not the only high-profile celebrity who remains closeted. It's his hope that the newsman and the others will go public to help others in the LGBT community.

'It would be infinitely better for the community if Anderson Cooper came out, if Kevin Spacey came out, if Jodie Foster came out. Why? Because visibility is key. The more straight people see that there are gay folks out there, the easier it is for us to achieve change, the easier it will be for us to achieve marriage equality, the harder it is for people to hate.'

Hilton has been cultivating a nicer image recently telling Gay Star News last month that he is trying to be 'more compassionate and understanding' than in the past.

He insists that, contrary to popular belief, he does not 'out' celebrities. He is merely reporting on the private lives of public figures.