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The perfect espresso you power yourself

ROK Kitchen Tools launches simple to use espresso maker for coffee lovers

The perfect espresso you power yourself

Calling all coffee buffs, a new espresso maker designed by ROK Kitchen Tools aims to give lovers of the brown bean, ‘the experience of being truly involved in the coffee making process.’

If standing in line at one of the UK’s 14,000 coffee shops, waiting for your drink is not ‘involved’ enough for you then the ROK espresso maker is the answer.

According to its designer, Patrick Hunt, the manual powered ROK coffee maker will be a much more ‘engaging ritual than just pressing a button.’

Users ‘engage’ by pouring their coffee grounds into a barrista’s filter and the tip boiling water in at the top of the device. They pull the two handles up and out comes delicious espresso, that so many of us couldn’t function without.

The sleek design looks modern but has a classic feel so would suit any style kitchen.

Unlike many electric powered home coffee machines, the ROK espresso maker can be used with any coffee brand of the drinker’s choice.

The beauty of the product though is it’s promise to make perfect espresso manually. And once you are done doing shots to perk yourself up in the morning, you can put it snugly away in the cupboard.

The press release says its lightweight, portable design makes it perfect for taking away to festivals or camping. But unless you plan on ‘Glamping’, you might be tempted to leave it in the kitchen.

To buy the beautifully designed ROK espresso maker and get started making the perfect cup visit the website here.

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