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Peru cancels ban on gay police in relationships

Peruvian police ban on ‘scandalous’ same-sex relationships is repealed days after it was put forward by the government

Peru cancels ban on gay police in relationships

The Peruvian government has reversed a ban on police officers being in ‘scandalous’ same-sex relationships just days after the ban was passed.

Legislative Decree 1150 for the country’s Police Disciplinary Board stated that officers in homosexual relationships that ‘scandalized’ the Peruvian police forces and undermined its corporate image should be forced into retirement.

The new decree reads ‘sex causing scandal’ and omits the word ‘homosexual.’

In comparison, the originally decree stipulated that police officers who physically or psychologically abused their family members should only be suspended for between six and ten days. This has now been amended to between eleven and fifteen days.

It’s passing resulted in uproar from Peruvian LGBT rights group the Homosexual Movement of Lima (MHOL) and several members of the country’s Congress and was labelled a ‘monumental blunder’ by the Peru21 news agency.

On Wednesday MHOL president Giovanny Romero told Canal N that the law was unconstitutional and discriminatory.

‘If you are going to punish people for their relationships, then it must be both homosexual and heterosexual,’ Romero told Canal N.

Peruvian President Ollanta Humala initially expressed support for the decree but it appears that the Peruvian government reversed the rule after cabinet was split over the issue.

‘My opinion is that institutions should be respected,’ Humala told Peru21.

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