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Peru police raid underground gay bar to stop wedding

Peru police raid underground gay bar to stop wedding

Peru police raided an underground gay bar to stop a wedding last week.

In the city of Pucallpa, a suited gay man and another in a wedding dress attempted to hold a commitment ceremony, according to local reports.

There are conflicting reports on whether the couple is a man and a trans woman or a gay couple dressed in ‘straight’ wedding clothing to fool the police into thinking it was a traditional ceremony.

When the groom noticed the police come through the door, he fled, leaving his bride to argue with the authorities.

The bride attempted to stop the police from forcing out the couple’s guests and refused to give the authorities the couple’s names. The police claimed to arrest those who put up ‘resistance’.

While there is no law against holding commitment ceremonies in Peru, only heterosexual marriages are recognized.

Police have claimed the underground bar did not have a license to carry out ceremonies, and that is why they carried out the raid.

The bar owner was not fined for not having a license.

Gay rights advocates are demanding an explanation from the Interior Minister, arguing the police violated the right to free assembly.

Check out a video of the incident below: