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Pete Buttigieg makes history as first gay man to be in a presidential debate

Pete Buttigieg makes history as first gay man to be in a presidential debate

Pete Buttigieg at the Democratic Debates in Miami | Photo: NBC

Pete Buttigieg made history last night by being the first gay man to be in a presidential debate.

The mayor of South Bend, Indiana was one of 10 candidates gathered in Miami for the second day of Democratic debates.

He is part of the most diverse group of candidates ever. Record numbers of both women and non-white candidates are vying for the nomination.

Buttigieg impressed many voters last night after his polling stagnated.

How did Pete Buttigieg perform in the presidential debate? 

He did not talk extensively about LGBTI issues in last night’s debates (27 June).

He made a passing reference to his husband, Chasten, in his opening remarks. This, too, also makes history. It is the first time a presidential candidate referenced a same-sex spouse during a debate.

In his powerful closing comments, Buttigieg made a reference to marriage equality. He said he could get married ‘by the grace of a single vote on the Supreme Court’ in his closing comments.

Chasten Buttigieg, tweeted a photo showing him helping Pete Buttigieg with his tie.

‘You’ve got this,’ he said.

50 years after Stonewall, an openly gay presidential candidate

Many celebrities and other high profile LGBTI people took to Twitter to talk about monumental occasion.

Comedian Billy Eichner also noted it was fitting that, 50 years after the Stonewall riots, a gay man was taking his chance at being named president of the United States.

Iowa senator Zach Wahls said: ‘It was only four years ago that this country legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.

‘Tonight an openly gay candidate delivered a top performance in a debate to become President of the United States.’

Emily C Heath, a lesbian pastor, also said while the mayor isn’t her top candidate, he’s a ‘good guy’.

‘And I think it’s amazing that 50 years to the night that people headed out for a night at Stonewall that would launch a revolution, he is taking the stage at a presidential debate as an openly gay man.’

Recent polls have also found that 70% of voters would be willing to vote for a gay candidate for president.

However, the same polls also found that most US voters do not expect to see a gay person become president any time soon.

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