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Pete Buttigieg sells out West Hollywood gay bar for fundraiser

Pete Buttigieg sells out West Hollywood gay bar for fundraiser

Pete Buttigieg on stage at The Abbey in West Hollywood, 9 May 2019

Presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg has appeared at a packed fundraiser at one of the world’s most famous gay bars.

The Democratic Mayor of South Bend, Indiana, took part in the ‘grassroots’ event yesterday evening at The Abbey in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.

Joined by his husband, Chasten, Buttigieg, 37, met with the public and gave a speech. Supporters are believed to have paid $25 a ticket, according to ABC. According to The Abbey’s social media, the event sold out and pulled in up to 700 people.


Democratic California Senator Henry Stern introduced Buttigieg to the stage, revealing that he went to Harvard with Buttigieg. He praised the mayor’s ‘decency, humility and … brilliance.

‘The mind on this young man is unprecedented.’

Buttigieg, who announced his intention to run for the Democratic nomination for President in April, then took to the stage. He encouraged the crowd to believe in the potential for change.

‘Tell them you saw … a top tier presidential candidate on his way to the White House moments after his husband introduced him.’

He spoke about coming from the industrial midwest, how politics had changed his life and his motivations for running for the highest office in the country. Taking aim at President Trump, he also said you cannot make America great again by dragging it back to the past.

Noting how his husband was also picking up a great deal of attention, he said, ‘I’m really enjoying seeing America come to fall in love with him the way I have.’

The Abbey posted video of the speech to its Facebook.

Touching tribute to Chasten Glazemen

Buttigieg’s husband, Chasten Glazemen, also took the stage and talked about his own journey.

Chasten Glazemen supported husband Pete at the event
Chasten Glazemen supported husband Pete at the event (Photo: The Abbey Food & Bar)

‘Twelve years ago when I came out, I didn’t think there was a spot in this world for me. Five years ago, I never thought I’d find love. Met someone pretty amazing. And here we are.’

Buttigieg also used his Instagram yesterday to post a touching tribute to his husband.

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Couldn’t do this without you, @chasten.buttigieg.

A post shared by Pete Buttigieg (@pete.buttigieg) on

The photo he posted showed him gazing into the eyes of his spouse. The accompanying caption simply read: ‘Couldn’t do this without you.’

The two men recently featured on the cover of Time magazine. The publication touted them as potentially the US’s future ‘first family.’

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