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Gays for Trump founder wants you to vote to ‘make America great always’

Gays for Trump founder wants you to vote to ‘make America great always’

Gays for Trump founder Peter Boykin is running for North Carolina’s state legislature these midterm elections.

Boykin posted a video on his Twitter page after he voted this morning (6 November).

A self-proclaimed ‘proud gay Republican’, Boykin urged Americans to ‘get out of the bed and vote’.

Reportedly, he is one of the very few LGBTI Republican candidates in the US.

Peter Boykin wants to ‘make America great… always’

Wearing a red t-shirt, the color traditionally associated with the Republican party, Boykin said that ‘[Republicans] help every single person’.

‘We don’t just help the Republicans, we help the Democrats, we help every single one,’ he also said.

‘We are going to make America great always.’

Boykin also said that he represents ‘everyone in his district’.

Furthermore, he added: ‘Straight, gay, bi, Democrat, Liberal, Republican, Conservative, Libertarian… I don’t care, I am your representative.’

Watch the full video below:

Boykin, who is married to an African-American man, reports he does not like the term LGBTI, preferring to leave the T out of it.

‘I prefer “Gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and allies,”‘ he told Greensboro’s Triad City Beat.

‘They have their own agenda. We can support it, but we can’t let them interfere with what we have accomplished. Truly I don’t consider transgender to be gay.’

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