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Petition calls for US college to revoke honorary degree from anti-gay pastor

Petition calls for US college to revoke honorary degree from anti-gay pastor

An online petition wants an honorary degree given to a homophobic pastor revoked.

The petition is calling for support and wants the honorary degree given to Ugandan pastor Martin Ssempa from Cairn University revoked because of his anti-gay views.

Cairn University, in Langhorne, Pennsylvania, awarded the honorary doctorate to Ssempa in 2006 for his work with people with AIDS.

On, the petition is called ‘Revoke "Eat Da Poo Poo" pastor Martin Ssempa’s honorary degree’, and was started by Rainer Ebert.

Ebert claims: ‘He (Ssempa) plays a prominent role in Uganda’s continuing witch-hunt against LGBT people and rose to Internet infamy after a video was published on YouTube which shows him telling an audience in Uganda that eating human faeces is a common sexual practice of gay men.

‘Mr. Ssempa holds an honorary PhD from Cairn University (formerly the Philadelphia Biblical University), which he frequently uses to boost his credibility and spread his vile and hateful message.

‘There is plenty of precedence of universities revoking honorary degrees because the recipients did not deserve them.

‘We call on Cairn University to follow their example and revoke Mr. Ssempa’s honorary PhD. It is intolerable that Mr. Ssempa uses a PhD from a Christian university to further his deeply anti-Christian agenda in Uganda.’

In 2010, the college distanced itself from Ssempa by saying his ‘present publicly stated position in no way represents or reflects the views of the University, its administration, or its faculty.’

Supporters of the petition have voiced their support.

‘His isn’t a doctor when his head is really permanently damaged,’ wrote one user of the website.

‘He should never be associated with an institution that, despite having the same philosophy as him has no intense and overt hate towards LGBT people. Let them be for Pete’s sake! I don’t even eat faeces as my daily snack.’

Earlier this year, Ssempa came under attack when, as a long-time oppose of LGBTI people, he was actually accused of promoting homosexuality in Africa.

The accusation was brought against him when he brought cucumbers and carrots onto a morning TV show to demonstrate how lesbians masturbate.