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Petrol bombs thrown into Puerto Rican gay nightclub

Petrol bombs thrown into Puerto Rican gay nightclub

Circo Bar, San Juan

Attackers threw several petrol bombs into a gay nightclub on Saturday night (28 October).

At around 7.30pm, a group of unidentified assailants threw the bombs into Circo Bar, in Santurce, San Juan.

The bombs did not injure any LGBTI clientele, but there was slight damage to the club, El Vocero reports.

It reports: ‘Several individuals dressed in black threw several incendiary bombs.’

Luis Francisco Olivera Fragoso | Instagram
Luis Francisco Olivera Fragoso in Circo Bar (c) Instagram

Colonel Juan Cáceres, head of the police in the area of ​​San Juan said the motive is unknown and nobody is claiming ownership of the attack.

Police have made no arrests so far.

‘They blasted the front of the bar’

Gay Star News spoke with a source who was there that night, but prefers to remain anonymous.

The source said: ‘They blasted the front of the bar but… put out in time.

‘This is the very first time they attacked the establishment with molotovs,’ they said.

The source believes the attack came from rival gay clubs. They said it may have been to keep Circo Bar from opening that night.

Circo Bar will increase security.

Emmanuel Vega
Emmanuel Vega (c) Instagram

The incident comes about after Hurricane Maria devastated the small Caribbean island just last month. As a result, 70% of the island still remains without power, despite the hurricane hitting six weeks ago.

The category four storm hit Puerto Rico with winds of 155 mph, devastating much of the small country.

As a result, many LGBTI celebrities pledged their support to relief funds. Lady Gaga, Ricky Martin and Ellen DeGeneres all donated money and time to help support.

Martin, who is Puerto Rican, created a catastrophe fund to bring food, water and electricity to the island.

He told Ellen: ‘Right now Puerto Rico is suffering.

‘As a Puerto Rican and as an American, I’m here to ask for your help.’