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Man accused of killing his wife after cheating on her with men he met on Grindr

Man accused of killing his wife after cheating on her with men he met on Grindr

A selfie of Mitesh Patel and his wife Jessica on holiday in Venice.

A man has been accused of killing his wife after cheating on her with men he met on Grindr.

Pharmacist Mitesh Patel is accused of killing his wife and business partner, Jessica. The woman was found dead at their Victorian house in a suburb of Middlesbrough, England, last 14 May.

The 37-year-old denies committing the crime.

The judge banned jurors who have used Grindr

As Patel’s trial is about to begin later this week, the judge Mr. Justice James Goss banned jurors who have used Grindr.

He told them Mr. Patel’s infidelity and sexual relationships with men were an accepted part of the case by both the defence and the prosecution.

Therefore, if any of the prospective jurors had used or did use the Grindr dating app, they would be excused from jury service.

The couple ran a pharmacy together

‘The death of Jessica Patel happened in her home on 14 May this year and her husband Mitesh Patel, the gentleman sitting in the dock, is charged with her murder,’ Mr. Justice Goss said in court today (13 November).

‘Both of them worked as pharmacists at the pharmacy on Roman Road in Linthorpe.’

The pair ran the pharmacy together and married after they had first met at university in Manchester.

The judge also said: ‘It is agreed that during the course of the marriage the defendant Mitesh Patel had been unfaithful to his wife including having met men for sexual intercourse’.

He added: ‘Some of them he met using the social networking site called Grindr.’

Mr. Justice Goss then added: ‘It is agreed that to seek to ensure your objectivity as jurors that if you frequented the Roman Road Pharmacy over the last seven years or you have used the Grindr app at any time over the same period you should be excused from sitting in this case.

‘If either of these apply you should not be considered to be available for selection.’

The trial will start with a full opening of the case on Thursday morning. Patel is likely to plead not guilty.

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