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Philippine University apologizes to Manny MUA and Bretman Rock

Philippine University apologizes to Manny MUA and Bretman Rock

Bretman Rock (left) and Manny MAU (right) (Photos: Twitter)

Leyte Normal University (LNU) in the Philippines apologized to international beauty bloggers Manny MUA and Bretman Rock last week.

The university in Tacloban city used their images in a poster presenting ‘improper grooming for men’.

It later published a letter expressing ‘deepest regret’ for ‘inadvertently’ including an image of the pair.

LNU’s dress code poster shared last week, detailed ‘inappropriate hairstyles’ and ‘improper grooming for men’.

It forbid male students to wear earrings, heavy makeup, and feminine clothes.

Among the examples images was a photo of beauty blogger Manny MUA  wearing heavy make-up.

It also featured a cropped photo of Rock in traditionally feminine clothing.

‘My outfit is so cute’

Both celebrities were quick to call the school out on Twitter. Rock described his outfit as ’so cute’.

‘How will wearing that affect a student’s learning?’ he also asked.

’A school having a problem with a man wearing makeup? Shockinggggg’ Manny MUA meanwhile wrote.

Cavite State University’s LGBTI organization also released a statement.

‘Not only is their post defamation to certain LGBT individuals, but it is also outright repression of the students’ freedom to express’ the group said.

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